Date of Birth 13 June 1978

Time of Birth 03 04 AM

Sex Male

City coimbatore

Country India




Ur marriage life show a lot of disturbances that will bring in lot of getting married late with proper match of horoscope is essential.

Time frames


These are generally divided in to positive negative and neutral. Positive means the events and situations will flow according to the plans and expectations. U will have success growth and positive atmosphere. U will able to get along with most people.  u can take risks and genrally bold decisions,


Neutral – most of the time the situations will be stagant. There will be no highs. U will need to work hard to make things happen. U will get along with most people but some times there will be heavy problems and difficulties. U will able to fulfill most of the commitments and reponsbility in easy manner.


Negative – most of the time the situations will be out of control. U will need to excerise caution and avoid risk taking.,u will need to be slow and make decisions analyzing multiple angles. Be alert to fights and cautious in responding to people. u will need to be nice to people in spite of they being rude to u. u will want to resign job and generally have negative attitude and feelings towards the world.






22 2 2005

21 4 2005

A positive time ahead. U will have better relationship with the close family members there can be short travels and u can have improvements in some way not in gross sense as far as work is concerned.

21 4 2005

12 6 2005

A very difficult patch u will need to handle with care.donot make major commitments and be cautious in the way u communicate the feelings to other. U can be upset and defensive with the situations unfavorable for u.



13 6 2005

28 7 2005

It will be average time. U will have some kind of attraction with opposites sex and also there can be short travels . be careful with the communication gadgets as there can be some minor problems with them.

28 7 2005

15 8 2005

 Average time. Can get along with the bosses and authority short travels and success in work will be average. Ur sense of written communication can be good. Some mild disturbances in the office.

15 8 2005

14 9 2005

A diffcult patch and u will need to handle with care. Health needs to be taken care and there will be lot of emotional pressures and tensions. Go easy and don’t compete accept things as they are and this can bring in lot of happiness in life

14 9 2005

6 10 2005

Average time. There can be some mild confusion and lack of clarity donot make major decisions and u can become aggressive with people and situations. Success with boss and education matter will be there.

6 10 2005

29 11 2005

 A positive time ahead and sudden twist and turn of events.

29 11 2005

17 1 2006

A very good time ahead. U will lot more peaceful and happy there will be sense of satisfaction meaning and achievements in life. Event will flow smoothly and lot of good news will be there,.






Work will be very good. U will have sense of happiness success and satisfaction in life. U will get along with the boss peers clients and customers. U will able to fulfill the roles and ur skill sets and job will match , u will have right attitude and qualities required for the job, u will do well. U can also expect some kind of increments and success in work.a such u continue this year before  u make the decision of going on ur own. For this year surely stick on with the job that will be more easier for u.


Money finically the position can be tight,. U will able to fulfill all the commitments duties and obligations., u can send some money to the parents. U will have success due to investments. Inflow and out flow of money will be equal. Donot invest in stocks. Purchase of new items is easily possible.


Health wise it will be ok. U will not have major surgery or nay kind of major ailments. It can be called as the pink of health. u will feel happy and contened with health. just do some exercises to maintain good health.  



Travel will be safe and education matter will be positive. In some way u will not be clear this year. U will have lot of dilemma and confusion. U will feel personally that ur are not doing enough. There is lot more u can do. There will be gradual shift in terms of attitudes ideas and out look for life in the coming two years ur priority will shift and u will see the world people and events in different perspective. U will be less of idealistic and more of real Compared to last year this year can be positive. U feel more happy confident relaxed and most of time the situations events and circumstances will flow in easier manner. Ur decision making will be in tune with reality, moods will be positive ,evenings will be more enjoyable and relaxed. A sense of meaning and cheerfulness will return to life like a whiff of fresh air and it will linger longer than what it has been. Love urself that will help u a lot.



Do the following affirmation it will be much helpful for u.




Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite well of Love.

I now allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind my consciousness, my very being, and radiates out from me in al directions and returns to me multiplied The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless. The use of love makes me feel good; it is an expression of my inner joy.

I love myself; there fore I take loving care of my body. I lovingly feed it nourishing food and beverages. I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovingly responds to me with vibrant health and energy. I love myself; therefore, I provide for myself a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in. I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included, will feel this love and be nourished by it. I love myself, therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities, working with and for people that I love and love me, and earning a good in come. I love myself; therefore, I behave and think in a loving way to all people for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied. I only attract loving people in my world foe they area mirror of what I am. I lover myself, therefore, I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences and I am free, I love myself therefore, I love totally in the now, experiencing each moment as good and knowing that my future is bright, and joyous, and secure for I am a beloved child or the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me no and forever more. And so it is.                   




I'm glad to be alive! I'm having a love affair with life! It's wonderful to be fully participating in life. I TRUST the flow of events in life to produce produce perfect results. Divine intelligence supports me in all that I do. Thank you, Life!




With yourself, in approve of myself. I love and accept myself totally. I appreciate all parts of me. Loving myself heals my life. I express my feelings openly and easily. I forgive myself totally. I am willing to accept love. I release negative thoughts and patterns easily. With others, I experience love wherever I go. I listen closely and open my heart when interacting with others. The love I extend returns to me multiplied.

I deserve love. I enjoy wonderful associations with positive, uplifting people. I forgive and release the past. I love and appreciate the members of my family. My relationships are filled with joy and fun and love.




Every cell in my body is alive with health and energy. My body is strong and healthy. Every system in my body functions exactly as it was intended to. I easily choose to nurture my body with healthy foods. I move and exercise my body in ways that feel good. My immune system is strong and healthy. I meditate daily to give my body deep rest and enhance my immune system. I breathe deeply, bringing energy to all my cells. My body is flexible. My body has a remarkable capacity for healing. Every resource I need for my healing comes to me.




It is wonderful to be using all my talents and abilities in my ideal career position! I now know and follow the Divine Plan for my life. I easily listen to my inner Wisdom to direct my daily activities and plans. Wonderful opportunities come into my life daily. I welcome all the abundance the Universe has to offer. My income is constantly increasing as I work the same or fewer hours. My financial supply is endless and flows to me in many ways. I have more than enough money for my expenses and desires. I keep the flow going by contributing to others.




My self-awareness is constantly increasing. I commit my mind to focusing on positive, healthy, loving thoughts. Being organized feels wonderful! I am patient and kind. I easily express my thoughts and feelings to others. I trust my Inner Wisdom, knowing that all the answers are within me. My body remains relaxed and my mind alert throughout the day.



Date of Birth:         June 13, 1978

Time of Birth:         3:04:04 am

Time Zone of Birth:    5:30 East of GMT

Longitude of Birth:    76 E 54

Latitude of Birth:     15 N 11

Lunar month (maasa):   Jyeshtha

Lunar day (tithi):     Krishna Ashtami

Tithi balance:         0.6630

Nakshatra balance:     0.5459

Sun-Moon Yoga:         Priti

Sun-Moon Karana:       Balava

Vara (weekday):        Wednesday


Sunrise = 5:51 am (Apparent rise - upper limb)

Ayanamsa = 23-30-17

Dasa year length chosen = 365.2450 days


Planet      Position  Pada        CharaK


Ascdt       13 Ar 58  Bharani 1      -

Sun         28 Ta 00  Mrigasira 2    AK

Moon        26 Aq 03  Poo.Bhaa. 2   AmK

Mars         8 Cn 51  Pushyami 2     GK

Mercury     19 Ge 10  Aardra 4      PiK

Jupiter     23 Aq 23  Poo.Bhaa. 2    BK

Venus       21 Ar 07  Bharani 3      MK

Saturn      12 Ge 32  Aardra 2       PK

Rahu        25 Sc 47  Jyeshtha 3     DK

Ketu        25 Ta 47  Mrigasira 1    -

BhavaLg     15 Ar 12  Bharani 1      -

HoraLg       3 Pi 15  Poo.Bhaa. 4    -

GhatiLg     27 Li 24  Visakha 3      -

Dhooma      11 Li 20  Swathi 2       -

Vyati       18 Vi 39  Hastha 3       -

Pari        18 Pi 39  Revathi 1      -

I.Chapa     11 Ar 20  Aswini 4       -

Upaketu     28 Ar 00  Krittika 1     -

Kaala       28 Sc 31  Jyeshtha 4     -

Mrityu       7 Cp 58  U.Shaa. 4      -

ArthaPr      0 Aq 25  Dhanishtha 3   -

YamaGha     24 Aq 59  Poo.Bhaa. 2    -

Mandi       26 Ar 14  Bharani 4      -

Gulika      14 Ar 49  Bharani 1      -




|             |  Asc   Glk  |             |             |

|             |             |  Ket        |  Sat        |

|      HL     |      BL     |             |             |

|             |             |        Sun  |        Mer  |

|             |  Ven   Mnd  |             |             |


|             |                           |             |

|  Jup        |                           |             |

|             |                           |     Mar     |

|        Moo  |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|-------------|          R A S I          |-------------|

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |


|             |             |             |             |

|             |             |             |             |

|             |     Rah     |      GL     |             |

|             |             |             |             |

|             |             |             |             |





|             |             |             |             |

|             |             |  Jup        |             |

|     Mer     |             |             |      GL     |

|             |             |        Moo  |             |

|             |             |             |             |


|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|     Rah     |                           |      HL     |

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |             |

|-------------|       N A V A M S A       |-------------|

|             |                           |             |

|             |                           |  Asc   Glk  |

|     Sat     |                           |             |

|             |                           |   BL   Ket  |

|             |                           |             |


|             |             |             |             |

|             |             |             |  Sun        |

|             |     Mnd     |     Ven     |             |

|             |             |             |        Mar  |

|             |             |             |             |




Vimsottari Dasa:


Jupi 1974-06-13  Venu 1975-01-18

                 Sun  1977-09-18  Moon 1978-07-07  Mars 1979-11-06  Rahu 1980-10-12

Satu 1983-03-08  Merc 1986-03-11  Ketu 1988-11-18  Venu 1989-12-27  Sun  1993-02-26

                 Moon 1994-02-08  Mars 1995-09-09  Rahu 1996-10-18  Jupi 1999-08-25

Merc 2002-03-07  Ketu 2004-08-03  Venu 2005-07-31  Sun  2008-05-31  Moon 2009-04-07

                 Mars 2010-09-06  Rahu 2011-09-03  Jupi 2014-03-23  Satu 2016-06-27

Ketu 2019-03-08  Venu 2019-08-04  Sun  2020-10-03  Moon 2021-02-08  Mars 2021-09-09

                 Rahu 2022-02-05  Jupi 2023-02-23  Satu 2024-01-30  Merc 2025-03-10

Venu 2026-03-07  Sun  2029-07-07  Moon 2030-07-07  Mars 2032-03-07  Rahu 2033-05-07

                 Jupi 2036-05-07  Satu 2039-01-06  Merc 2042-03-07  Ketu 2045-01-05

Sun  2046-03-07  Moon 2046-06-25  Mars 2046-12-24  Rahu 2047-05-01  Jupi 2048-03-25

                 Satu 2049-01-11  Merc 2049-12-24  Ketu 2050-10-31  Venu 2051-03-07

Moon 2052-03-07  Mars 2053-01-05  Rahu 2053-08-06  Jupi 2055-02-05  Satu 2056-06-06

                 Merc 2058-01-05  Ketu 2059-06-07  Venu 2060-01-06  Sun  2061-09-05

Mars 2062-03-07  Rahu 2062-08-03  Jupi 2063-08-22  Satu 2064-07-28  Merc 2065-09-05

                 Ketu 2066-09-03  Venu 2067-01-30  Sun  2068-03-31  Moon 2068-08-06

Rahu 2069-03-07  Jupi 2071-11-18  Satu 2074-04-13  Merc 2077-02-17  Ketu 2079-09-06

                 Venu 2080-09-23  Sun  2083-09-24  Moon 2084-08-18  Mars 2086-02-17