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Vedic Astrologer Gopalakrishnan belongs to the family of traditional astrologers and priest. Having initiated at the young age into Tarot cards, Astrology, Numerology, Vedic rituals and Pooja He has been doing prediction on Indian election, Sports, Stock and commodities. You can reach him through whatsapp, skype and IMO @ 9840572247. We Are Different Because

  1. You can reach Gopalakrishnan directly from your Bangalore mobile Through Whatsapp/Skype/IMO
  2. Any orders will be processed within 24 hrs to 48 hrs
  3. Guidance and the Solution will be given along with the phyical remedies, rituals
  4. Vedic Rituals,homam and pooja are also performed by Gopalakrishnan and his group of priests.

Astrologer Gopalakrishnan has been guiding people in the areas of
  • Career- which career to choose/ how to be successful in the choosen career/ how to make it big in my career path
  • Finance- How to propel my finance graph/ Is there any remedies to improve my fiancial status and growth
  • Marriage- when will i get married/ can i do parigaram to get married to the person whom i like
  • Children- diificulty in conception/ difficulty in pregnancy- astrological guidance to handle this issue
  • ...... and many more