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Vedic astrology or jyothish the science of reading planets to know the future. jyothish can be used to understand the future, act as a guidance tool to decide the future course of action. Astrologer Gopalakrishnan has been guiding people in the areas of

  • Career- which career to choose/ how to be successful in the choosen career/ how to make it big in my career path
  • Finance- How to propel my finance graph/ Is there any remedies to improve my fiancial status and growth
  • Marriage- when will i get married/ can i do parigaram to get married to the person whom i like
  • Children- diificulty in conception/ difficulty in pregnancy- astrological guidance to handle this issue
  • ...... and many more

    Astrologer Gopalakrishnan has been guiding people not only from delhi, hyderabad, bangalore etc., but also from malayasia, singapore, canada, USA, UK etc. You can call him @ 9840572247 for direct consultation. You can reach him through WhatsApp

    His recent Political- astrology Predictions that came true

    1. Jayalilatha will win in Tamilnadu election in 2016
    2. Mamata bannerjee will win in West Bengal
    3. Left front will win in Kerala