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Karnataka Election Results

Karnataka Election -Astrology Analysis 1st april 2013, 10:37pm

Karnataka is going in for the assembly polls.The election Results as done by the indian astrologer Gopalakrishnan on indian astrology analysis predicts that in karnataka the bjp will lose and congress will form goverenment along with gowda party

Congress In Tamilnadu

Astro-prediction on Tamilnadu Election 11th april 2013, 9:55pm

In Tamilnadu congress party will get decimated in the central elections.Indian Astrologer Gopalakrishnan does Astrology analysis and predicts they might have to compete alone and the results will be too shocking they would end up getting less than 5 seats if they go alone.

Future of Indian Economy

Astrology and Indian Economy 12th Sep 2013, 11:30am

Many people are suprised that india's birth horoscope can be used to predict the economic trend of the country. Many astrologers who do not know abc of economics or commerce will not only be suprised but also act as if these are not important things. We are the only astrology portal to write on the economics, stock markets or sports or matches. Sorry we have to highlight our good points. Few people who are jealousy will always say we are boasting. Many of economists can be deeply surprised by the rules of indian astrology which can stun some of the best minds in the both the coast of America. The rules of parashara and astrological dictums can beat many minds who are phds and are even noble prize winners. Time is God. Time rules the world. Unless any scinece or art is connected with time and its cycles, can never hope to perfect the science or art in their life time.

Now see the horoscope combination. Normally i do not write the astrological combination due to twitter age and just write the predictions. I would leave a vacuum in the technical knowledge of astrology which can be used by many astrologers of future generations and even the past generations can look a fresh eyes. Political predictions is not the end of astrology career. First of all saturn and rahu have met in the sign thula which is sign of commerce. This has been india's sixth house. This combination is over the india's 8th lord. Secondly from the bhukthi lord. The planet jupiter is in the 12th house. Planets jupiter aND SATURN RAhu is in the nakshatra of rahu. Bad guys met in bad places in bad nakshatra. There fore this crisis in the economy is not over. The deadly tradegy in the kedarnath is a fine indicator of the future. In one single sentence indian economical conditions will worsen.

Rupee will again shoot up and it can even reach Rs.70 with in next one and a half years. Gold prices will reach new tops and continue to move up award cycle. The GDP growth will be less than 3-4 %. Stock markets will be sub 20000. There will be periodcal correction. Goverenment will force to do banking curbs. Mass death of farmers will be there or farmer suicide will be there. Religious people and places will have problems. More scandals will make goverenment position tough. Talk of early elections will be there. Sonia gandhi will lose elections. Vajapayee was sick before he lost elections. This will be there till year end and even till saturn makes tranist into the vrischika which is in Nov 2014

Kalanidhi Maran's case

Maran Brothers 30th July 2011, 1:47PM

TN govt is hot on the track of sun media and maran brothers. with the close aide of the maran arrested, indian astrologer Gopalakrishnan predicts that Tamilnadu Government will prosecute Kalanidhi maran.

Will Advani Become Prime Minister

Horoscope Analysis Of Advani

21st May 2006,7:48pm

BJP has one good virtue. They will be clear of their leadership even before the elections. Now Advani has been projected as the prime ministerial candidate. Will he become the prime minister is the questions mark. Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does a basic astrology analysis. First of all the Indian prime minister did not have spouse. All of them had lost spouse or were bachelors. The exception in this case is Man Mohan Singh and Rajiv Gandhi. Both won the elections due to some other factors other than there ability.
If a candidate writes auto biography that means psychologically he is finished.Thirdly in the last ten years, the prime minister candidates had been more of a surprise. For example no one expected Vajpayee to take the mantle of prime ministership and no one gave credence to Man Mohan.
Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan feels that the more one waits the less one has the chance of becoming prime minister. Take the case of Hillary Clinton in America. More she waited the more problems she has.Advani is not lucky like that of Vajpayee. He is also too cool and calculative than the innocent Abdul Kalam and Vajpayee. Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan can safely say that may be BJP coalition can do well but advani becoming prime minister is not possible.

The Bali Dance Of Mandakini In Uttarkand

Astrology And Uttarkand

2nd july 2013, 5:37pm

The great Indian spirituality capital is the Himalayas. Many sadhus and great beings have meditated in the himlayas. Most places carry the legend and history. Many western people feel the real spiritual capital is haridwar and upper Himalayas.
Now why these sadhus could not stop the flow of mandakini fury? Why they could not stop this human catastrophe? Why so many deaths and yet the sadhus were never questioned about their spiritual powers? Why is their spiritual powers did not warn people?
Very simple. One can settle down in India as sadhus. For a computer engineer to buy a car and house it will take ten years of hard work. But If one becomes sadhus with some smart talking and quoting Sanskrit one can make tons of money. I know one swamiji who has bought four crore worth property in ECR. Many sadhus do not meditate or do not have time to meditate or do their daily rituals due to commitments . I have seen sadhus or so called saffron clad people are abysmal at many levels. They are o ld and have failed in corporate world. Brahmin’s best way to make money is to talk about contentment peace and non ambitious life. For example one sadhu has built a temple for linga bharivai. Now look at the irony. When a women meditates on linga bharivai her sexual instinct will come up . Now it will make people more erotic. Without proper understanding of mantra shastra these people do things. The misunderstanding along with ignorance and money making template then one can have voila combinations.
When the sins are done in a place, earth swallows them. In the same way in Himalayas, sadhus in the name of god looted most of the people. That is why the great river mandakini took the toll. Common people see sadhus as representation of god. Sadhus see people as money pots, cars and their fat pay cheque. These sadhus are simple in their outwardly appearance. But if you see the cars they travel and lavish palaces they stay, even king will feel ashamed. Indians love their god and guru. They can not question them easily. Life has become simple for sadhus for they blame the cause of the problem on god and karma. They never help people to come out of their suffering.
Spiritual protection of Himalayas was broken. Whether it was manmade or dams, one thing is sure. Many sadhus will make money in the name of god. If Something goes wrong, they never blame their spiritual inabilities, limitations and their powers. Blame government, destiny, fate and god other than sadhus who make money in the name of god. Himalayas is not exception to it.

Astrology Analysis On Bihar Election.

Bihar CM Post

30th October 2010 12:00pm

The third phase of the Bihar assembly elections to pick a new 243- member house began Thursday in 48 constituencies. The mandate of this Assembly Election will determine the future of growth considering its present development.
Chennai based Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does astrology analysis and predicts that Nitish Kumar will win the election and become the Chief Minister Of Bihar Second Time.

Astrology And Tamilnadu Political Family

Stalin, Alagiri And Astrology

India is ruled by families whether it is politics or business. The Tamilnadu’s first family of the kalainar karunanidhi is through the fight between Stalin and Alagiri. People are expecting lot of action before the election. First of all nothing will happen. Both Stalin and alagiri will play it cool. There will be some kind of standoff without much open fights. Closer to the election, again it will flare up. If it is the party election alagiri will have an edge but then ultimately planets will dictate the issue.