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Indian Astrology is a sacred science which tells about nine planets and their influence on the humans. Astrology also tells people about the karma, their obstacles and the limitation of the human life. Astrologer Gopalakrishnan a trained exponent in Kerala astrology, nadi astrology and deva prashnam guides people in helping them to remove the planetary afflictons

He strongly believes that rahu and kethu in the horoscope reflects the flexion point of karma. Astrologer Gopalakrishnan believes that karma need not be suffered and it can be cleared by the ritual formulated by the rishis.

For people based in kochi, kerala the Astrology Guidance being the sarpa pooja to clear rahu and kethu dosha. Like wise manu afflictions created by astrological and planetary combinations can be cleared by rituals, pooja and homam

Astrology guidance in kochi from astrologer Gopalakrishnan can be got by calling him @ 9840572247. You can also connect with him through WhatsApp, IMO and skype

His recent Political- astrology Predictions that came true

  1. Jayalilatha will win in Tamilnadu election in 2016
  2. Mamata bannerjee will win in West Bengal
  3. Left front will win in Kerala