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About the Author of this workshop

K.B.Gopalakrishnan is one of India’s first Tarot card readers, and also a master in Vedic astrology. He has been predicting since 1993, and has mastered Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Runes, I Ching, Prasna system, Vaastu Shastra, Yoga and Siddha in a short span of time. Gopalakrishnan is known for his versatility and perfection in prediction. K B Gopalakrishnan has been featured in the Indian Express, Star Teller, the Week, and has been contributing articles to Sify.com for the last 2 years.

Some of his all time sensational predictions in the year of 2002 and 2003 are:

  1. Doomsday Prediction on Tehelka.com
  2. Bush will wage war against Iraq.
  3. Vajpayee Govt. will survive.
  4. Death of famous industrialist.
  5. Drought in India.
  6. Pharma, banking will upgrade and also will do well.
  7. Automotive industry will do well from the second half of the year.
  8. Australian victory in world cup2003
  9. All segment wise stock market predictions
  10. Predicted the market values.
  11. Death of saddams son.
  12. End of Iraq war.
  13. Air ticket rates will decrease.
  14. SARS scare.
  15. BPO’s can expect 50 per cent growth for major players.
  16. Information technology will grow by leaps and bounds.
His Achievements in the past

  1. Has been associated with Sify.com Astrology since 2000.
  2. Has innovated new methods in reading Tarot cards.
  3. Is well versed in Jamini, Parashara and Kerala style of astrology.
  4. Has taught tarot card reading to more than 250 students.
  5. Has innovated technique in mundane and medical tarot.
  6. Lectured and demonstrated Tarot Card reading in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.
  7. Features in Jaya TV’s ‘Yogakalai’ everyday between 6.30and 6.45 am.
  8. Has trained many into the science of Reiki and Pranic healing .
  9. Has featured on Yugi udan World Cup ’03 on Vijay TV.
  10. Has taken personality development and stress management classes for Corporates
  11. Runs a meditation centre in Chennai.
  12. Teaches Tarot reading, astrology and swara yogas.
  13. Is practising Ayurveda, and already has treated cases of leukoderma, stomach ulcers and kidney stones
  14. Lectured in Rotary and Lions clubs
  15. Had done weekly predictions on Citi Cable
  16. Interviewed by Asia News International for a feature on Tarot cards.
  17. Edited the astrology portion of Bharat mail, Chennai.net etc.


Astrology (Jyotishya= knowledge of light) is the most ancient of all science like mathamatics, botony, zoology, chemistry or physics and had reached considerable perfection in India thousands of years ago. The study of which requires strict adherence to the world’s conventionalities of commonsense reasoning and ordinary logic. Astrology comprehends something higher, mysterious and subtle. Various theories have been set up to discover the influences of planets upon the terrestrial phenomena. No science or art is more interesting, instructive and useful to mankind in contributing to his moral and material advancement than sublime science of astrology. It interprets what it conceives to be the future of man as molded by his previous karma and indication by the planetary position at the time of birth. By knowing the future correctly, man can so create an environment that; he can hope with the adverse periods of his life and alleviate the evils, indicated by the planets to a great extent.

Why I should learn here?

  1. You are learning in the Harvard of astrology, and from a person who had predicted Iraq war, the political movements like the three chief minister of India, and has been dazzling the sify.com browsers with his prediction in various segments.
  2. The teachings are lucid, and simple and they are well explained with logic.*Individual classes.
  3. In the process of learning you start predicting for your chart and as well as others chart.
  4. Astrology is not taught as a technique but as an art, and it is very comfortable to learn and that requires is little intelligence.


The tradition of Vedic Astrology.
Graha: Nature of Planets etc.
Rasi Guna: Nature of the Signs.
Lagna Bheda: Special Ascendants.
Rasi & Graha Dristi.
Bhava Phala: Governance of the 12 houses.
Lagna: The First House.
Dhana: The Second House.
Parakrama: The Third House.
Vidya: The Fourth House.
Putra: The Fifth House.
Satru: The Sixth House.
Kalatra: The Seventh House.
Roga: The Eighth House.
Dharma: The Ninth House.
Karma: The Tenth House.
Labha: The Eleventh House.
Vyaya: The Twelfth House.
Shodasavarga: Sixteen Divisional Charts.
Varga Bheda: Divisional Considerations.
Graha Bala: Planetary Strengths.
Bhava Bala: Sign Strengths.
Ista & Kasta: Good & Evil results.
Arudha Pada: The effect of Maya.
Upapada: Marital bliss or renunciation
Gochar: Rules for Divisions, Lordships etc.
Pratyantar Dasa.
Sookshmantar Etc.
Panchtatwa, Kunda & Guna.
Drig Dasa.
Stri Jataka.
Remedial Measures: Brahmadi Shapa.
Remedial Measures: Inauspicious Birth time.
Remedial Measures: Gems & Talisman.
Prasna Jataka: Concepts & Principles.
Prasna Jataka: Illustrations.
Varshphal: Concepts & Principles.
Varshphal: Yoga & Saham.
Varshphal: Illustrations.
D-Charts: Navamsa.
D-Charts: Dreshkana.
D-Charts: Dasamsa.
D-Charts: Saptamsa.
D-Charts: Shodasamsa & Chaturthamsa.
D-Charts: Trimsamsa.
D-Charts: Dwadasamsa.
Spiritualism: Deities etc.
Conception & Pregnancy.
Marriage match making.
Bhava Pada: Arudha of the other houses.
Karaka: Significators - Classification of Chara, Sthira and Naisargika Karaka i.e.
Temporal, Fixed and Natural Significators.
Karakamsa: Classification & Usage.
Bala rishta: Infantile deaths.
Nabhas yoga: Yoga’s due to planetary patterns.
Yogadhyaya: Effect of planetary combinations.
Soma yoga: Planetary combinations of the Moon.
Surya yoga: Planetary combinations of the Sun.
Raja yoga: Planetary combinations for achievements.
Dhana yoga: Auspicious combinations for fortune.
Ayur yoga: Maraka & other considerations.
Overview of Dasa: Phalita/Ayur Dasa; Rasi dasa & other methods of timing events.
Vimsottari Dasa.
Ashttotari etc.
Kalachakra Dasa.
Yogini Movement & Dasa.
Charadi Dasa, Narayan. Dasa.
Brahma Dasa, Navamsa Dasa.
Rudra & Shoola Dasa.
Rudramsa & Mandooka Dasa.
Yogardha & Rasi (Su) Dasa.
Naisargika Dasa, Pinda dasa, Sandhya etc.
Ashtakavarga: General Introduction.
Ashtakavarga:Predictive aspects.
Ashtakavarga: Transit effects.
Gochar: General Rules from Janma Rasi.

3hours/day ´ 30 days

INR 30,000/-

Astrology Products

Horoscope Writings

INR 540 / $8 (Service Charge)

You have to give Date, Time, Place of Birth
(Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Mail to: sathyaprema.6000@gmail.com and skywalker24@rediffmail.com

Description Horoscope is an integral part of indian life. we in sathyaprema write the natal horoscope in hand in tamil and english.
what do we offer in horoscope writing
1.24 amsha charts- like rasi, navamsha, drekkana..etc.,
2.ashtavaraga chart for the amshas
3.vimshottari dasa
4.kalachakra dasa
5.brief description about the life for next five years.
6.This will be in a note book which can be picked up in person or couriered it to you.

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Muhurtha Fixing

INR 330 / $8 (Service Charge)

You have to give Date, Time, Place of Birth
(Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Mail to: sathyaprema.6000@gmail.com and skywalker24@rediffmail.com

Description Time is an crucial factor in everyone's life. it is the time that tells the placement of planets in one's horoscope. muhurtha time or day becomes still more important as it tells the good day where one has karya siddhi and also helps one to remove ,neutralise,counteract or overcome the evils indicated in the horoscope chart.for calculating muhurtha day,nakashtra, tithi and yoga's are taken into consideration.
Fixing of good time or muhurtha is used when joining new job, going for an auspicious event, starting of new business, taking up of a new office space or hous

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Marriage Match Making

INR 100 / $ 2 (Service Charge)

You have to give Date, Time, Place of Birth
(Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Mail to: sathyaprema.6000@gmail.com and skywalker24@rediffmail.com

Description The concept of marriage has changed with time, and it has been noticed that few conventional astrological rules like nakshtra porutham (star matching) doesn't work in the modern age. Therefore there are many instances where marriages have broken miserably even after the matching was done. This isn't the fault of astrology but the incapability of aptly applying olden rules for modern age. Our ace astrologer K Gopalakrishnan introduces his modern marriage matching report that will guide you through the most important phase of human life - Marriag


Lakshmi Homam

INR 13500/ $225/span> (Service Charge)


You have to give Date, Time, Place of Birth
(Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Mail to: sathyaprema.6000@gmail.com and skywalker24@rediffmail.com

Description Lakshmi Homam is a prayer for the financial well being of a person or a corporation. When lakshmi homam is performed the blocks and diffculties that impede the financial flow is cleared. This helps people to progress economically. As with any homa mental peace and happiness may also flow in. lakshmi homam is also performed to please the king or adhipathi of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi homam is performed by the priests who has finished 7 years of agama shastra in the temples. The clients outside chennai can take the sankalp and see the homam through skype. our skype ID is jaya_6000.


Annual Prediction

INR 2000/ $34 (Service Charge)

You have to give Date, Time, Place of Birth
(Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Mail to: sathyaprema.6000@gmail.com and skywalker24@rediffmail.com

Description Where you can know about the different aspects of life like work, money health, marriage children education and travel for one full year. This horoscope is based on tajika system. This is unique model were you can in depth details of the coming year. Normally people ask the question how will be my next one year and also how will be my next birthday. This will help u get the details

The following will be given to you
A personal horoscope > Dates of different saham > A detailed reading on different aspects of life > Also the different time frames of the year (dasa and bhukthi analysis)