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Why I Became Spiritual

by Guruji Krishnan 15th May 2018, 2:32 pm

Hazrat Inayat Khan was a great sitar player. Once his spritual guru listen to his rendition on sitar and said “god will play through u Inayat give up ur sitar.” Hazrat cried and said “ I love sitar why this to me”. Like the great Khan I studied in a good convent school and was very successful. I got many prizes yet huge failure in material life. I wanted be rich and famous like other people I wanted to go and start pharmaceutical company. But it never took off. I tried to study for IAS. as I about to apply one mahatma whom I took guidance from told me that I was meant to work for god never for any mortal.

Finally I wanted try advertising. Knocked every door Trikaya grey, Walter Thompson and rediffusion etc. Every agency either did not have vacancy or the head copywriter will not be in the office. finally one agency gave me test and told me I was a failure and not fit for ad writing. Generally people who are meant to be spiritual god will give them Guru, Sadhana, practise time and will take away Great distractions of worldly life and money. The biggest blessing is to surrender to god to realise that God will care of you.

Finally I wanted try advertising. Knocked every door Trikaya grey, Walter Thompson and rediffusion etc. Every agency either did not have vacancy or the head copywriter will not be in the office. finally one agency gave me test and told me I was a failure and not fit for ad writing. Generally people who are meant to be spiritual god will give them Guru, Sadhana, practise time and will take away Great distractions of worldly life and money. The biggest blessing is to surrender to god to realise that God will care of you.

Rumi wrote-”I was raw cooked burnt served before God”. next time when you have problems in work or money then may be God wants to enter ur life. allow it to happen. India is gnana bhoomi. many people will get pulled into spirituality. Our hero's are great rishis the avatar not movie star and businessman. Material failures can lead to great spiritual success. If God loves u he will give u Guru, Sadhana, mantra and time for practise. he might not want you to have fame, power and money

I always wanted to take classes. But organising will be always difficult or people will not come. I asked someone whether my class was not good. they will say it is good and mind blowing. But something inside does not allow me to organise classes. You will be a failure in material life. baba Ram Das was a huge failure in business. he became spiritual and people refused to accept his loan repayment.Slowly anything with god will work . prayer will open up. One day I was very angry and said “god if you love me show me a miracle I want eat in cake shop of Taj. If you are there and if my love for you is true let us see whether it will happen”. One of my friend came in the evening to my house in his car and told me that we will Go out. After a long drive my friend started to feel hungry. He said that we will go to cake shop of Taj. I said no. He said that he wanted to eat pizza and told me that I can eat whatever I wanted. I realised that the miracle of God was happening at the moment. no job no money yet royal food.

When i was huge success in astrology one kaula marga guru who is a kapalika and who practise yogini tantra and Gupta Sadhana tantra called me and said “either u will live or I will live. We will pray for ur death”. I said “sorry if I have offended you”.He said “no sorry. death is for you”. Every day I have psychic attack. Death vortex will be opened on me. There are days I have slept for 3 hours. There are attacks from lower astral. That is why I tell people it is not that I want to remember god. He has put such a enemy that I have remember God to live . Sometimes the attack will happen as I am doing reading for the client. I have to manage both the world. Client and psychic attack. I don't want to attack them. Ahimsa paramo dharmaha yet I have to open divine vortex! No technique will last for few times . Aghori and his team will lock it. I have no answers why they are doing it day in and day out. Except God wants me to remember him.

If God loves he will give astral enemies . In the life of great Tibetan yogi milarepa lower astral attacked him. The great Gautam Buddha was attacked by mara. The great christ was tempted in garden of jesami before his crucifixion. Successful people in spiritual world are biggest material failures. They eat begging, no place of their own and no comfort!. In This great spiritual tradition of India they are called maharaj meaning kings. It doesn't really matter whether you love god. it all matters whether God wants u to remember him. Next time u have material problem and future worry then god is knocking at your door. This world is made by god's presence. even if you lose job and don't make money practise your sadhana. God has weird ways of making us remember that he runs the show.

I will close with words great hakim Sinai who wrote He knows the touch of ant legs moving in darkness Know well to know on this. U have lost faith in him. Yet his eyes of love never left you. Did u hear that sound of God knocking door of your heart


Guru Mukhi, Man Mukhi and Chandra Mukhi

by Guruji Krishnan 15th May 2018, 2:32 pm

Once I met a Aghori in a particular place. He asked me straight forward question who is your guru ?. I was very hesitant to answer. He told me have a guru fast. otherwise it will be difficult to be spiritual. The greatest gift God gives u or u giving yourself is having a guru. Many people worship dead guru and they cannot have real guru. When the guru is alive, there will be karmic churning. Real guru will shatter every thing. they are like mini whirlpool and tsunami. Your material life or physical life will get shattered or structure will get reformatted. Many people do what they like or what their samsara, vasana dictates. This happen when they take dead guru it will be very easy. There will be no spiritual growth. 50-50 is a good biscuit to eat but a difficult attitude to live.

He also added some more wisdom in his baritone voice. Even though you have guru meet everyone as if death will come tomorrow . Listen to them and treat people as if they were sent by god. God send messages through everyone. When the message will get repeated then you should understand that god is saying . Search god every were so that God will have to say no one had tried seeking me they way this man had done .

God-- Search below and above even if I meet the creator after death god should say u did level best just that I did not appear. He said blessed me and said may u be a guru Mukhi not man Mukhi and never Chandra Mukhi. I asked what is meaning of Chandra Mukhi Aghori laughed at me and said rhyming, nothing else

Akashic Record And Aakasha Vani

How you will be taught by Astral Beings of light

by Guruji Krishnan 15th May 2018, 2:32 pm

Many people are used to learning from books, guru and internet. It has limitation. What is not in the books u cannot learn. The great scriptures talk about Shruti and Smriti. Smriti is the what is written in physical world? Shruthi is what is heard by rishis. There is a dimension in life which is called as akashic record. if we learn from this source then we can learn without physical guru or any physical beings.

Initially the learning is through intuition then through channelling. then the rishis who are higher beings will come and teach u in the night. In fact Edison used to sleep and in his dreams he used to get answers. The help comes from other dimension. Then the famous benzene ring was discovered by scientist who saw this structure in his dreams.The Tibetan have called this as dream bardo or they call this as whispered traditions. In doctor strange movie they will show exactly how he will Learn in dreams.

I will study a subject and fall asleep and in that dream these beings will come and teach. Barbara Brennan a famous healer of America talks about beings from other side who helped in her healing. John of God, the famous healer in Brazil talks on this dimension who help him in his healing. As u learn to work through this dimension, the Medha Nadi will open and images which is clear and correct will flow down.

I have only one Niyama. when someone asks question I will pray immediately and answer comes down. I never prepare classes what needs will be spoken through. There is spiritual hierarchy which is helping world to evolve from other dimension. The western world is learning from intelligence dimension to intuition dimension.they talk it as channelling. In Tibetan tradition books are kept in astral world people pray to download it. It is said guru padmasambhava has his these knowledge in astral world. The nath sampradaya calls it aadesh. aadesh means Heard word of God. Therefore any one can learn just like me and download knowledge from cosmic internet called akashic record.

I have only one Niyama. when someone asks question I will pray immediately and answer comes down. I never prepare classes what needs will be spoken through. There is spiritual hierarchy which is helping world to evolve from other dimension. The western world is learning from intelligence dimension to intuition dimension.they talk it as channelling. In Tibetan tradition books are kept in astral world people pray to download it. It is said guru padmasambhava has his these knowledge in astral world. The nath sampradaya calls it aadesh. aadesh means Heard word of God. Therefore any one can learn just like me and download knowledge from cosmic internet called akashic record.

Souls Passage In Hinduism

What Happens To The soul After Death

by Guruji Krishnan 13th May 2018, 7:32 pm

I am grateful to all the beings whom I call rishis for helping me in this understanding.

In my younger days my grandma used to take me to an exhibition which showed what are the punishments people will go through after death. basically this information is in Garuda purana. When I asked the beings of light They told me Gopal tonight u will experience this secret . As I slept my astral body started floating and entered the bardo. They showed me different hell and heaven. Then one being of light looked into my eyes and said heaven and hell is in ur mind. I thought he was quoting the Milton poetry. The being said look astral realm is pure experience of emotion and thought with out body! Ur feeling and thoughts will get excited and magnified. If u are pleasant in earthly realm ur life then in astral realm will mirror that. If you had inflicted ghastly experience for others like torture then u will experience it 100 times. Magnification of memory and emotion in a loop is hell and heaven. Astral body records all experiences that get magnified in astral realm in particular speed and Repetition. Here also sacred law of what u sow is what reap operates. Brahma loka is nothing but long sustained positive feelings and imagery. Many souls experience horrid experiences because they have done those things to people when they were living in the earthly realm. The memory gets locked experience happen again and again like tape recorder or song repeated again and again

These beings also showed astral chasm called as vaitrani river. It is the gap between astral and earth dimension. If punya is high one travels faster easier and have pleasant sensation. If astral and subtle bodies are dross, heavy and black in colour travelling in these realm is difficult. There are souls who cry for help but these souls can be blessed with divine light divine love and immediately one will Feel no pain and fear. When we come back we again pass through the realm but we do not worry much on it . Of course moon is told as the realm of astral vortex. I saw souls who in their subtle body move towards the moon. Of course when we use instrument to see spirits everyone will be Surprised with the findings.

It takes approximately 2 to 14 days for soul to start into astral realm. souls which have done lot of good deeds then the vortex of divine light opens and start moving towards the moon very fast. They pass ethereal nethral realm. People who died out of accident with out preparation tends to recover longer, it is better to die in sickness than in accident. The entire structure of hindu ritual of tarpana is kept to keep ancestral vortex happy. The Africans use this vortex a lot. the reason is that they believe if ancestors bless them their life will be ok.

The vortex or passage or road towards ancestral world is open in certain time and certain days of the year. it is like road where entry is easy. These are called Shraddha days. Amavasya, purnima, month beginning, after Chandra grahan, start and end of Surya grahana etc. Totalling 96 days are the Shraddha days in a year. Generally Brahmins give water to ancestors spirit only in amavasya . These knowledge is in garuda purana.
Thirst is common. water is given often in ancestral rituals. The spirit dies. it wants to eat and drink like human due to memory. So food is given to sprit in energy wise. Cooked rice is given because it is easy than any other food.

What are Bhuta preta pishacha . These are spirits who are earth bound and cannot cross the astral chasm or vaitrani river. Therefore they have human urge to eat drink but cannot do so. They become parasite. They connect with aura, chakras and kosha's of another human body and try to eat and drink. Some of them want to have sex they are called Mohini. The black magician usually offer egg fish meat of chicken for getting some favours done. This is likewise agreement between spirits and human is done in smashan . I give u food do what ever I say or want. Usually the spell is written and along with food is buried in smashan. There are lower spirit who posses power and they ask for blood, menstrual blood, baby, womb and sperm etc.greater the power greater the pact or agreement. Ultimately one can trade one’s own soul for specific favour. that is why In movies people who trade the soul gets money power but ultimately lose. Any way one need to be really clear of what one wants other wise it is better not to get into these realms. Some of the spirits possess people make them eat human flesh or kill people. If it happens in mass level then this leads to rioting in mass scale, lynching etc.that is why in India we have ritual Called smashan smashing. In this ritual spirits are served with liquor, food, chicken and mutton in karka masa amavasya. This helps in preventing accidental death, mass death and droughts in community.

Droughts are caused by lower spirits. In Kerala they are appeased with various rituals offering like mock blood in kelakavu or Chotanikarai Bhagwati koil or Vishnu Maya or kutti chhattan or avanankatu kalari. There are two ways to clear droughts. It is either by appeasing the lower spirits or giving them Bali or sacrifice to higher devata. both will work very well. The states of Kerela or Assam were magic or connection with lower astral is encouraged they never have droughts. Rather they have excessive rains .

The lineage character will become assertive very fast! Blood has memory that is why musician children will learn music easily. In Brahmin household slokas will come easily. Person who have married life disturbances will have children who will carry on the habits or success. That is why so much of stress is given to lineage or blood or succession in profession or becoming king or queen. Science is yet to understand astral realms or inter dimensional vortex or subtle world connection with the physical world. Scientist’s third eye is closed and their anta karna is small. so they cannot experience these realms. For example many spirits are districts by the cars pollution etc. It has shown in weather heat or rain or drought. Just like humans occupy certain areas these spirits also do not want their areas to be disturbed. Rivers comes under naga realm if one disturb there realm they will! Cause drought in river. There is Saint in India from coimbatore who wants help regenerate rivers without knowing the power of naga realm. There are incidents many snakes are found in one hole it is naga area.

Some spirits love flowers it is called valley of flowers in Himalayas. Some occupy bamboo forest Developers who destroy smasahan and build flats the residents will have aliments debts untimely death etc.i know lady who was living close to smashan she use to say night is difficult to sleep I see strAnge figures strange nasty negative smells I have fallen down for no reason These are signs of astral plane open. psychiatric people aura is sensitive like rose petal. If the ancestors spirits are distrubed their aura and chakras will get disturbed. Some of them can see spirits or hear voices of spirit world that is why they get confused. Psychic and psychotic people walls for other world is transparent that is why either they have different skills than common man. Some spirits use to cure people. One can see in John of God Brazil or spiritual healer in Philippines or in Barbara Brenneman healing. Spirits are used in music are called Gandharva celestial musician. Spirits can be used break veil or covering of time. Time is like door some can see distant past or future! The only problem many spirits can see past that is why they co e stunning information .many of them cannot see future example is karna psicha etc. I know one muslim who did Sadhana of Karna pischachini. the moment the spirit called in his dreams, he was frightened did not answer he lost the capacity to hear and became deaf immediately. On the Judgement day one sees all actions in light of God and love and give marks accordingly that is why when u forgive people u can easily forgive urself in judgement time. Hindus believe life moves on line and wheel. The rest of religion who talks one life shows theory which are not mature. In shiva stalas or jyotir Linga they open lower astral realm easily and keep. that is why Linga Shraddha in offered in all jotir linga.

Please forgive me for my limitation. whatever I have known and experienced in my limitation I have written. There are famous saintly people than me who are jet setting across the globe, give discourse in television and can know more than me. Please share this knowledge with people so that spiritual thirst will get quenched momentarily.

Magical Growth And Your Janma details

>Life Defining Janma Tithi and Time

by Guruji Krishnan 11th May 2018, 5:32 pm

One young girl asked me how to grow fast in life. I said “mark your janma nakshatra and your janma time. Light lamp during that time. Your life will grow faster”. She told me that she was born In the uttaratathi nakshatra on Thursday around 12 30 pm. I told her “Then every uttaratathi nakshatra light lamp exactly the time in which you were born.” She did for 3 months. huge changes happened in her life and she got huge success in her career.

She asked me how to improve further. She was told to light lamps o janma tithi and janma day. She told me that her birthday is on Thursday and birth Tithi is ashtami. Then she started lighting lamps during that days also. She then asked me the logic behind Janna tithing and Janna nakshatra . Time has acupuncture points if one uses wisely one can win lot of things. Time has weak moments. Everyone janma day, janma nakshatra, janma tithi and janma time is important. Very rarely all these combine. Only two acupuncture of time will merge. use this often to make differences in life.

Therefore Janma time, Janma nakshatra, Janma tithie ,Janma time Is important.

Birthday Magic

The Magical Day Called Birthday

by Guruji Krishnan 11th May 2018, 5:32 pm

Some people tell me that they regret why they were born. Many think If only they were born in different time and different place their life would have been better. No regrets. You can change your life if you know your birth details. One lady asked me “how do I change my life as my birthday is always painful. I cry invariably at the end of day”. I told her to be positive on her birth day. One has to do ritual, Dana and remember god. If you make other people happy on the birthday then the life will be good and positive.

If you see all the super stars and politician they all celebrate their birthday in a grand manner. They do rituals, serve food and make their followers life happy. Therefore keep the birth day happy. Then the lady asked me which is important, janma nakshatra or just the birth date. Anything is ok .the English birth day seemed to be used by most of the people

Resolving Medical Karma

Medical Karma by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 27th Nov 2013, 10:00AM

One of my main searches in life is reducing the medical karma in my house. My mother was working in the medical field and it just aggravated the whole issue. C abinets of medicine, doctor and hopsital visits were at extreme levels. I studied ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture and many alternate systems. Then I moved on to theory of karma and slowly it dawned to me certain patterns do repeat often in triggering medical karma.

Psychic Warfare

  1. Houses which have medical problems have intense emotional problems.
  2. They do not express the feelings or emotions. Free flow of positive emotions is not there.
  3. Fault finding, criticism, suppression of truth, making big things small, lack of coordination between people, cursing emotionally, torturing people, and supressed anger will be there.
  4. This pattern has to change. Openness in dialogues, forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, letting go of small failures, being kind in word, working as a group should happen.

Wounded Person

  1. There will be a person who is a failure in life or has some emotional problems.
  2. I have found that mentally ill health people or divorcees or people who have the bad work are prime targets.
  3. They get abused and in turn they aggravate the vicious karma of medical karma.
  4. Heal this person and medical karma will get reduced. They are karmic triggers. One has to be careful in dealing with them. It will take time to crack open.

Medical Knowledge

  1. People who have the problems with medicine have huge knowledge on various fields of medicine, branches, types of medicine etc.
  2. When they give medicine for others it will cure the disease. When they take the medicine it will aggravate the disease.
  3. Remember you cannot use your own intelligence for medical karma. Your own techniques will not be helpful for you. It is better to take outside help.
  4. Astrology numerology names will have problems. Change the name if you have terminal disease. It works very well.
  5. Change the house or re-inaugurate with good muhurtha - this is very helpful.
  6. Residing at same place for number of years will only aggravate the karma.
  7. Changing the place, changing the country is one of the fastest ways to reduce the force of karma. Some states, some directions, some route of travel tend to aggravate the disease. Become aware of it.
  8. Change the doctor, change the medical shop. This is one of important techniques.
  9. Some doctors have good luck. When you go to them it reduces the force of problems. Check the past and go to successful doctors.
  10. Events like new house, marriage, birth of child can trigger the medical karma. Better to do huge dhana after the events which will reduce the force of karma. After the event feed 1000 people or get someone married etc. It will balance the flow of karma
  11. Do not say you are cured. Generally law of mouth will operate. Better to keep quite.
  12. Give up unnecessary activities like common people. Many of the medical karma require huge divine energy flow. You cannot party or go out.
  13. Give up fighting for lands or court cases. It will only aggravate the medical karma. Peace is more important than anything else.
  14. Children are very good indicators. Children fall sick or have emotional problems due to karma or parents.
  15. One lady met me and she said I am a CA gold medalist and my husband is also a CA gold medalist but we have children who are mentally retarded why? I said you must have tortured someone on their intelligence. She got shocked and she almost fell from chair because she used to criticize her sister as dud.
  16. Stopping the fight between wife and husband or any one. Just accept and do best from what you have.
  17. Say sorry to people if you hurt them. It is ok. Sorry is a good way to reduce the karma. Do not question your ability or other people goodness. Move on. Make your life peaceful.
  18. Do not try to have bank balance. You cannot save money. Give it to dhana. If you save money, it will only aggravate till the karma is over. So do not save. You will see the torture reducing.


  1. See whether your money or other people’s money reduces the impact of your karma. At least you do not pay and can ask someone to do so.
  2. Do chandra gayatri. It makes medicines work. Moon is for Aoushuda.
  3. Black magic - Sometimes due to black magic people life can have heath issues. Medicine will not be absorbed by the body. Secondly symptoms will aggravate. Doctor cannot diagnose. Remove the tabis (black magic), it will reduce the problems. I have seen huge difference in people lives

Path of Women

path of Women

first week of April, 2003


Many guruji’s do not know that the path of the women is different from the path of man. In spiritual life it is lot more truthful than any were else. Many women who go to spiritual gurus get confused and lost. It will look like that they have understood but they feel like a fish out of water. Only when we talk to women we will understand that they are not very clear about their spiritual path. The long bearded old men who run away from life to become gurus can never understand that the path of the women is different from path of a man. Most spiritual schools and ashram have the spiritual template for the men but not for women, in fact women cannot have out-of-the-world templates for spiritual life.

First of all many women feel their child or husband is their main path.

If one talks to women they say husband is god, Pati parameswar. Now why do they need a guru? Very simple if they find that their level of love is not accepted by a their lover or man they seek guru. Love is like a river. Many men cannot love others than themselves. Some men can love 10% of the time. some can love for 20% of the time. Women can love a lot, when they reach 80- 90% of love they will become so caring that normal men find it difficult to take. Love pours from the women’s heart and the ganga has found It’s sagar. The moon has found it sky. The man has to be oceanic expansive to handle the love of women. Men who have small and a closed heart chakra become scared.
They develop psychic powers in love. Once a women called her lover and spoke” I know you are going to drink alcohol do not do it”. He was shocked when he heard this over the cell phone. He was with his friends and he did not tell his lover on his rendezvous. He asked me how she did that. I said in love all knowingness happens For women love is like a river. When they do not feel the flow of river they feel lost. When they dry up and they think something is wrong. Love is like meditation for them

The moorthi or bimba of god for women is their father or mother or husband or child they love. Therefore they need real life focus to pour that love. When they become empty they become exhausted. In that state women go into meditation that is love.

Therefore to talk of surrender, faith, devotion and loyalty to women is silly, senseless and stupid. In that state of love these things automatically happens. To teach women how to be loyal and devoted is like teaching a fish how to swim Women go in to a altered state when they are love. They do it in bits and pieces. In sex ,when they bare the body, when they beautifully dress for lover., etc are the several ways they trigger this state of meditation

Women in love become a wish fulfilling gem for a man. Tell a woman in love about your desire she will finds ways to manifest it. Women in love will say my lover’s desire is my desire, I am for him and whatever he wants I will manifest it for him. That is why men when they get married get huge jumps in their work or carrier.

Women need to find a man who can hold and nurture and channel their love. If they find a man who is a great meditator like guru padma sambahava they will get enlightened

Women search for lover, Man for guru

Women for truth, Man for love
Women for oneness, Man for multiplicity
This is way of spiritual life.
Until she finds their elevated lover, women lifetime after lifetime will search this love which is all encompassing or all pervading. Men call it god but women call it love.

Rule for Links

Rule for Links

By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 25th jan 2012, 8:28PM

Many people use the tantric means when they relate with people. This means will works initially. They use and throw people which has very diabolic impact. Link means connection with people for the sake of karya siddie. For example we want our child to join in a school. A friend knows a good school and gets application form. So the friend is called as link.
First of all we cannot put link for ourselves. Someone has to put to link for us. A guru or spouse is the best person to put the link for us. Many intelligent people put link for themselves that is why they cannot solve their problems.
Secondly when a man put links for women it is good. When a woman puts link for the man it is very good.
In general links which comes from close people is very good. There are some exceptions to the rule.
For marriage, links coming from our relatives are better. For house and work in general links from friends are very good.
Each and every person links can be analyzed in following manner
positive links or negative link- some time we put link with people who will lead us to disaster. Therefore analyze whether your link is a positive or negative link.
Secondly for some inside people like their parents, or sisters can be their link. For some outside people like friends and strangers can be their link.
When you help your relatives then friends will come and help you. When you help people who are superior or bigger than you then people who are lower will come and help you. For example if I help my boss, my subordinates will be helpful for me.
Finally link that which comes on its own or that we go in search. Women are magnetic they can bring in link towards themselves. Man can search for the links.
For poor people the link will work only one time for one aspect. For rich people every successful link will have multiple use for multiple times in multiple aspects.
When we help people unconditionally help then the link will comes to us unconditionally.
Links can be divided in the following manner
physical effort
people contact.

When someone helps in money we cannot do it in the same manner. When someone helps us by giving advice we cannot help them in the form of advice. But we can do some other way for that person.
Please read this articles if you have doubts do ask me. These are some of the important methods for karya siddies.

Templates in Spirituality


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 25th jan 2012, 8:28PM

Each and every person follows some kind of spiritual template in daily life. Each religion also gives these templates. According to level of the students these templates are used. For example Christians’ goes to church on Sunday’s which is one of their templates.

5 times worship by Muslims is a deeper template. This is as same as 5 times prayers for deity in the temples of Hindu. The Hindu’s have fire worship and sandhya vandanam. this is especially practiced by Brahmins which is very good.

There is a template in kanchipuram mutt where morning and evening pooja is done for two hours every day. In bhagwan ramana asharam people do evening singing and morning pooja. Some people have ayyappa template or the bangru adikalar template which is walking all the way from their villages to the place of diety. There are templates based on time which is like adi pooram or margzhai time where morning pooja is done. One has to ask themselves whether one is basic advanced or medium students then follow their template for a period of time. I find the sandya vandanam and agnihotra having tremendous impact.

Why We Cannot Search God


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 25th jan 2012, 8:28PM

I met a great man who told me this “gopal, love is god. God has two sides, love and godliness. you can do something on love. You can forgive, forget, care, share and pray etc. godliness you cannot do anything. It has to come on its own. Never say you will search for god or even if u say u are in search for god u are only searching for love. Love is fulfillment and meaning. God comes on his own. He will have to appear. You cannot do something”.

He continued “what is small for you will be big for some one. For example you can think of giving Rs.10 for person is small. But for some other person it can be big. Having eyes and nose is easy for someone. But for some others it is a big thing”. Finally he said “understanding depends on karma. Understanding does not depend on our own words or power of persuasion. If the divine grace is there one can have understanding without a teacher. One can pray for that person to have understanding. Nothing more. Do not fight or force understanding it is futile”.

Tantric Ways of Making Money


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 19th jan 2012, 2:28PM

Many people want to make money. Of course there are various levels of making money. for example hard work, sincerity, learning and education of skill or knowledge are Rs.1000 template. One can easily make money at this level. Physical labor is Rs.100s template. For example sweepers and physical laborers have this template. Then is lakhs template, which belongs to CA’S, MBA’S or skilled artist dancers and musicians.

Then there is higher template used by billionaires. Give money in lakhs one will make money in crores. In giving you shall receive. If you give in 100’s you will get in 1000’s. Give in 1000’s you will get in 10000s.

Secondly align with places which are rich and booming like Bangalore, noida, New York etc.

Meet and associate with people higher to you. Then money making will be easy because whom you meet is what you become.

Thirdly be quite. Even the great Einstein says keeping quite is a very good way to grow and become big. This means no psychic warfare with people.

Each level of making money has different template. But the fast way of growing is aliging with people and places

Why Good People Have Problem


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 4th october 2011, 2:04pm

Many people come and tell me that they are good people and they have lot of problems. Some healers say because they have got involved in other people’s lives their lives have become messed up. This is partially true. I was swinging between being good and helpful and being non-helpful.

First of all, to do good means stirring up some one karma. It is not so easy the way it looks. One requires focus, energy, effort and lot of god’s grace to solve some one’s problems. Many people who get bad name from other after helping them do not understand few basic truths. Many people do not like to overcome their karmic barriers. Many people have karmic resistance which does not allow their mind to be open and receptive for higher truth and living.

Secondly many people do not have karya siddies, mental clarity, and gift of speech, ability to put links and start and end a process. Few gifted souls have this ability. Many people can start anything but cannot finish what they have started. Mental clarity and ability to use one’s own speech is very limited.

Thirdly, when you help others following laws will operate. You will get defocused from your life problems. This is like a curse. One needs to be careful. One needs to pray to remain focused on one’s own problems.

What technique you use for others you cannot use it for oneself. There was a woman who got everyone married. But she could not get her children married. The reason is spiritual pride. She assumed that it would be very easy to get her children married because she knew the template and the link. It got back fired.

The great cook eats only rasam rice. Sweet makers never touch sweets. Doctors hire some other doctors to solve their health problems. In the same way one needs to invoke god’s grace and act with humility to solve one’s own problems.

These people are not very open. Generally gurus or teachers do not open their lives to others and even if they open up they do not listen to others. They feel spiritual pride and in fact tend to advice people who try to make them understand a truth or reality. Being open in spite of being a guru is very important.

You can make outside people understand and make them do what is good for them. Inside people have karmic resistance. It takes very long time to make relatives understand the soul lesson or make them do good for themselves.

law of mouth - we feel it is easy to do a event like marriage or child birth and we tend to boast about our ability. We also criticize other people for their limitation. I know many healers who tend to put down others and like to glorify their ability. This invokes law of mouth. I know many parents who can do events easily for one child. But doing for the next child, getting married or making them study is tough. What good we do for other people, we cannot do for their own children because we are not humble and we do not invoke god’s grace. What we say as easy becomes tough in action and what we say as short becomes long in action. Always remember this, world is made up of different people. One needs to be careful not to wound and hurt others of their limitation and praise others in spite of their limitation.

Maintaining secrecy- however you are successful, the next project and the next dream should be kept in secret before it manifests into physical reality.

Jesus Christ says do not bring me to test. In the same way we will get tested for our humility, kindness, forgiveness and the attitude that we are instrument of god. Many times the ego takes over and believe we are omnipotent which leads to pain and suffering.

One also needs to let go when the process or our role is over because of kindness and compassion. Many people struggle to let go or over do and then they have lot of problems.

Did you pray for your problems? Most gurus or healers do not pray for the problems. This tend to aggravate their personal problems.

Did you bless other people who have same problems?
Did you help other who have same problems like you?
I tend to have two rules.
Help people who have same problems like me.
Secondly help people who ask you for help.
When other people do not have similar karmic problem like you then involve less. If you want your daughter to get married then help people to get married. If you want to grow in business then help other people to make a living.

Helping other people through money or physical help is better than giving advice. Many people give loads of advice because it is free, easy and does not carry whole some perspective. My wife told me to help in her kitchen rather than giving advice. May be many people do not need all these advice. If they have money they can solve the problems.

When you help people either with money or with physical help or give objects, they appreciate more than advice given by others.

Finally when you help others tremendous divine energy comes in. one can channel the energy to some desire by blessing. For example when someone helps others there is a sense of joy and rise in energy. We can bless our house for that punya to go or for everything we desire for. Generally people go in euphoric joy and go for oh and hah. This wastes the energy what one has generated.

These are some ways you can protect yourself and at the same time help others. The doctors wear gloves and cover their face with masks when they operate. In the same way one has to take certain psychic precaution. What you do for others, god will do it for you. One can grow faster when you help other people’s event like marriage, health, child birth etc.

Law of Projection


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan 20th September 2011, 12:35pm

I used to wonder many times the law of projection can be true. Many times vedantians say that the wall we see is just a projection. I struggled with realization as to why I am not able to see it. If they see the wall as projection, then why they are not able to penetrate the wall and overcome the limitation of the wall.

One has to shift the mind from the personal level to the universal level. The universal mind projects the wall. If one tunes into universal mind then it is camera . The scene and the screen will be seen easily. Right now in the normal consciousness one connects with the wall which is scene on the screen. If one tunes in to the projector which is universal mind then one can see the difference.

One can also see the wall as energy which has various layers. This also breaks the hold of illusion. Simply saying wall is illusion is one thing. Learning to look at the wall as illusion leads to all different flavors in the understanding. Slowly if one’s own consciousness rises above the level of universal mind, many psychic powers will open up on its own without effort or practice.

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