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Guruji Gopalakrishnan is one of the best astrologer in mumbai who has been in the feild for last 20 years. His latest List of Predictions that has come true are..

  1. Jayalilatha will win in Tamilnadu election in 2016
  2. Mamata bannerjee will win in West Bengal
  3. Left front will win in Kerala

Astrologer Gopalakrishnan has been guiding people in the areas of

  • Career- which career to choose/ how to be successful in the choosen career/ how to make it big in my career path
  • Finance- How to propel my finance graph/ Is there any remedies to improve my fiancial status and growth
  • Marriage- when will i get married/ can i do parigaram to get married to the person whom i like
  • Children- diificulty in conception/ difficulty in pregnancy- astrological guidance to handle this issue
  • ...... and any more

    People residing in mulund, vikhroli, bhandup, navi mumbai or any other part of mumbai can connect with guruji directly @ 9840572247. You can connect with astrologer through WhatsApp/ IMO/