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Rituals - Nagar Abhisekam

Nagar Abnisekam - Sarpa Abhisekam - Pappa Karma Clearence program

Sarpa pooja is done to clear the naga dosha, rahu dosha, kethu dosha, curses in the family or lineage, childlessness problems and general blocks and difficulties of life. The pooja will be done to a nagar sila specially made for that purpose. Abhisekam and ashtotara pooja will be done for the sila for 48 days. after 48th day, the sarpa shanthi homam, sarva arishta homam and nagar prathista will be done

Nagar Pooja

Navagraha Homam ₹13,500/$ 225

Dhanvantari Homam ₹13,500/$ 225

Saraswathy Homam ₹13,500/$ 225

Mirtunjaya Homam ₹13,500/$ 225

Lakshmi Homam ₹13,500/$ 225