Understand yourself better and know your strengths through the numbers of your name, date of birth. Numerology includes name for new borns, name change for individuals and numerology for companies.

Assurance from SathyaPrema

No software is used generate the report All the questions are personally answered by K.B.Gopalakrishnan Models which are put for the product is used.
What you have to give to us ?
Place of birth (Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)

Numerology Products

New Born Baby

  1. You can keep the name for new born baby.
  2. The first phonetical letter will be sent.
  3. You can send for that 10 names.
  4. The numerology aligned names will be sent to you.
Service charge- Rs 500 / $9

Name Change For Individuals

  1. Your name will be checked numerological if it alright to bring you luck and success.
  2. We will send you 5 different name options after analysis and alignment numerology reading will also be sent
  3. we will send lucky colour number direction etc will be given.
Service charge- Rs 500 / $ 9

Numerology for companies

  1. You can align the name of the company favorable to you.
  2. We will also give logo, colour and design
Service Charge- Rs 1500 / $25