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The Olympic torch has left the Indian capital. And the eyes are set on the 61-member squad, which will leave to Athens to participate in Olympics 2004 carrying hopes of some 100 crore Indians from across the globe.
Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan does a Tarot Card reading for the performance of India against the international players, and predicts the possible outcome.
Question 1 ?Will India win medals?
The Tarot Cards say that Indians will surely win medals and it would be towards bronze or silver.
Question 2 ?How will Anju George perform?
The card drawn was Ace of Swords, which promises Anju an interesting tour.
Question 3 ?Will the Indian Hockey team succeed?
The Chariot card doesn? promises much though it shows a moderate performance.
Question 4 ?What about Tennis?
Indians will surely be able to excel in Tennis.