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About Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

"You will become master of six arts. You will become a famous astrologer at a very young age. You will write books on various subjects, which will make you famous across the globe. You will become a ‘Trikala Gnani’ after 45. You will become a teacher at a very young age, and you will be popular and well known after 30”, that was the prediction given to Astrologer K.B. Gopalakrishnan at the age of 21." He is one of the few astrologers who has predicted major events like the Iraq War, End of Taliban rule et al. Though he says, "I brushed it aside", the predictions have mostly come true. His list of true mundane predictions is impressively long, and he attributes his success story to his personal deity and his guru grace.

  • Citi cable 1998- 99. Weekly predictions
  • Jaya tv 2000- 2004 first in yogakalai and then in vazhyum kalai. smash hit programme.
  • Asia net TV. An interview 1997.
  • Head lines today elections of 2006 on DMK victory
  • Times now interview in 2007 on the 10th planet Pluto
  • In Neeya Naana in dec 2011
  • The week
  • Indian Express
  • Star Teller
  • The Upbeat
  • Eves Touch
  • The Principles Of Nadi Techniques By Vani Publications
  • Mundane Astrology By Sagar Publications
  • Wrote from 2000 -2004 on various astrology topics is in www.sify.com
  • Edited on line astrology column of Chennai on line, bharat mail.com, Chennai.net.
  • Software stocks doing well
  • Sensex reaching 4000
  • Automotive industry will see profits
  • Miserable monsoon
  • Year filled with mishaps and accidents
  • Jayalalitha will have to wait before she sees the real power
  • Passing of a leading industrialist.
  • Prediction for TVS Cup
    Stock prediction till Oct 31, 2003!
    Schumy's victory!
    Bullish run at Sensex
    Wimbledon Women’s Finals - 2003! – By K Gopalakrishnan
    Tech-stocks prediction till July, 2003! – by K Gopalakrishnan (posted May 21, 2003)
    Death of Saddam's son
    Tech-stocks prediction till July, 2003!
    Reopening of diplomatic ties with Pakistan towards the later part of 2003
    Service sectors will prove to be the key factor affecting Indian economy
    Recession will recede, and the employment rate will increase
    Air ticket rates will be in an affordable range
    Oil price will increase due to tension across the globe
    There is good news for TVS, Hero, & Bajaj firms
    Stock will touch 3700!
    Wedding bells for leading actress
    Entertainmet industry will do much better than 2002
    Success in monsoon
    SARS scare
    Prediction for Women's Wimbledon Finals
    America's attack on Iraq in September 2002
    End of Iraq war
    US will not wage war with Syria
    Multiple plane crashes in the last week of December 2002
    Australia's victory in World Cup 2003
    Mass death in the months March/April, 2003
    Tech stock predictions
    Rajini's role into politics
    Cauvery Issue

    Venus coming closer to earth-actress committing suicide
    Indians winning medal in the Olympics
    Winning of schumy in grand prix
    Mass deaths are foreseen, but on a lesser scale compared to earlier years.
    No major wars are foreseen, like that of Iraq in the 2004.
    There will be couple of terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda in Muslim countries.
    Stock exchanges will be moderately bullish.
    Economy of most European and American countries will limp back to normalcy.
    Outsourcing being a major business in the world, the Asian economies will be in a positive phase.
    Air crashes will be on a marginal rise.
    There will be talks of increased regional cooperation between SAARC countries and also European countries.
    Mass death of children is foreseen. -Kumbakkoan, Beslan and Tsunami tragedies.
    Religious issues will be in the forefront. -The arrest of Jayaendra Saraswati Swami.
    Sensex reaching 6000 points
    Relationship with Pakistan -The border tensions and terrorism will continue with Pakistan. The tensions will only be mild, and there WON'T be any major problem
    Stable UPA government with manmohan as PM
    Future of Karnataka-golden period with highest BPO companies in Bangalore.
    India the backbone of BPO
    Future of Iraq- lot of blood shed

    The Jayalalitha government will lose power and the collation of DMK and it allies will sweep to power.
    Sensex touching 6500
    BPO companies doing well
    India becoming a leading player in telecom in the years to come
    Film personalities getting international awards
    Ganguly as captain will step down before 2006 Sep
    Laloo will lose the election in the Bihar of 2005
    Attack on London by terrorist
    Mars coming closer to earth- LTTE And Srilanka governments will fight.
    Bombay Sensex will cross 8000.
    BSE touching 10,000 points.
    Bush visit to India.
    Oil price $60 per barrel.
    Future air travel in India.
    Problems of BJP and strong Sonia
    Future of Indo-Pak relationship
    No tsunami in India
    Future of communists and west Bengal trying to become materialistic.
    Future of Indian media-SUN network ruling in south.

    Boom in the real estates market
    Gold price reaching rs.7000 per gram
    War in srilanka
    Future of sacchin tendulkar
    The Sensex reaching 11,000.
    Jayalalitha losing election
    Vijayakanth’s party performing better.
    Future of Iraq.
    Future of the world-globalization and outsourcing.
    Sensex touching 13,000.
    Sun TV shares doing well
    Saturn and mars conjugation and possibility of mass death and explosion- Bombay bombing
    Success of DMK alliance in the elections.
    Survival of UPA government.
    War in SRI LANKA.
    Success of Australian team in DLF cup and champion trophy.
    Sensex crossing 13,000.
    Growth of Indian industries and continuation of economic growth.
    Victory of Justin hardene in French open.
    No war with Pakistan.
    World cup victory of Italy
    Future Of Middle East
    American Invasion Of Iraq
    Michael Schumacher Winning Spree

    Success of DMK alliance in the elections.
    Survival of UPA government.
    Success of Australian team in DLF cup and champion trophy.
    Sensex crossing 13,000.
    Growth of Indian industries and continuation of economic growth.
    Victory of Justin hardene in French open.
    world cup victory of Italy
    Sensex touching 15,000.
    Price of gold touching 10,000 rupees.
    Survival of man mohan singh.
    Victory of narendra modi.
    Victory of India in Asia cup.
    Victory of federer in us open and wimbeldon.
    Bob woolmer death becoming non issue.
    Proxy war in lanka to continue
    Success of Indian economy

    Victory of Nadal in French open
    The end of bull run in Indian stock markets
    Australian men’s final and women’s final
    Price rise will continue.
    Victory of Barrack Obama in the primary of democratic convention.
    UPA government will win the trust vote

    *Has been associated with Sify.com Astrology since 2000.
    *Has innovated new methods in reading Tarot cards.
    *Is well versed in Jamini, Parashara and Kerala style of astrology.
    *Has taught tarot card reading to more than 250 students.
    *Has innovated technique in mundane and medical tarot.
    *Lectured and demonstrated Tarot Card reading in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.
    *Features in Jaya TV’s ‘Yogakalai’ everyday between 6.30and 6.45 am.
    *Has trained many into the science of Reiki and Pranic healing .
    *Has featured on Yugi udan World Cup ’03 on Vijay TV.
    *Has taken personality development and stress management classes for Corporates
    *Runs a meditation centre in Chennai.
    *Teaches Tarot reading, astrology and swara yogas.
    *Is practising Ayurveda, and already has treated cases of leukoderma, stomach ulcers and kidney stones
    *Lectured in Rotary and Lions clubs
    *Had done weekly predictions on Citi Cable
    *Interviewed by Asia News International for a feature on Tarot cards.
    *Edited the astrology portion of Bharat mail, Chennai.net etc.