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Jyothish Guru Gopalakrishnan is a famous exponent in vedic astrology, nadi astrology, and feng-shui not only in India but also in Canada, Newzealand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and UK. He has written books on Nadi Astrology And Mundane Astrology. He Has been guiding People through Astrology, numerology, Vastu and nAdi astrology. You can call him directly or connect with him directly through WhatsApp/ IMO/Skype for online consultations.

As A meditator his guidance is always multilevel and multilayer. He always believes in handling the problems at the physical level, energy level and the ritual level.Pune clients can call him @ 9840572247.

Astrologer Gopalakrishnan also helps people to perform varied types of pooja and homam. All vedic science is inter connected and the mother of vedic science is astrology. when one reads the natal horoscope as prescribed by the rishi, the destiny opens up. Karme gets cleared.

His recent Political- astrology Predictions that came true

  1. Jayalilatha will win in Tamilnadu election in 2016
  2. Mamata bannerjee will win in West Bengal
  3. Left front will win in Kerala