Nagar Abnisekam-Sarpa Abhisekam-Pappa Karma Clearence program

Sarpa pooja is done to clear the naga dosha, rahu dosha, kethu dosha, curses in the family or lineage, childlessness problems and general blocks and difficulties of life. The pooja will be done to a nagar sila specially made for that purpose. Abhisekam and ashtotara pooja will be done for the sila for 48 days. after 48th day, the sarpa shanthi homam, sarva arishta homam and nagar prathista will be done.

Nagar Pooja

Sarpa Prathista- Sarpa Homam

SARPA DOSHA NIVARTHI, SARPA SHANTHI, SARVARISTHA PUJA @ RAMESHWARAM OR in VENGESWARA SHIVAN TEMPLE, chennai The nagar Prathista can be done locally in the shivan temple and also in Sri Ramanathaswami Temple, which is situated at Rameshwaram- a island town of Tamilnadu, India. it is considered one of the holy shrines in the south india. a person's pilgrimage to kashi is considered complete only when he does pooja in Rameshwaram
The clients outside chennai can take the sankalp and see the homam through skype. our skype ID is jaya_6000

COST OF THE HOMAM- Rs.13500/$225
Sarpa Homam

Shatru Samhara Homam

chatru samhara homam is done to clear court cases, enemies, business problems,obstacles, competitions, evils eyes and black magic. we perform this homam as per the astrological chart. The clients outside chennai can take the sankalp and see the homam through skype. our skype ID is jaya_6000. Call now! Phone: 9840572247

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225

Ganapathi Homam- Obstacle clearence homam

This homa is done before starting any new task or project. It will ensure that goals are attained without any hindrance which is the Karya siddies. Also ganapathy homam will help in Winning of any problem, Release of problem, Intial push and success in work and Success in every transistion point of life

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225

Lakshmi Homam- Gaining Material Benefits

This homa is a prayer for the financial well being of a person or a corporation. When this homa is performed the blocks and diffculties that impede the financial flow is cleared. This helps people to progress economically. As with any homa mental peace and happiness may also flow in. It is also performed to please the king or adhipathi of wealth and prosperity

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225

Mahamirtunjaya Homam- Disease clearence homam

Maha Mrityunjaya homam is said to be thousands of years old spiritual process which is done by invoking Lord Shiva in the form of MAHAKAAL OR MAHAKAL - the ultimate and primordial force of the universe who is believed to be capable of reducing (or even removing) the process of death and can rejuvenate the man who is fighting against death. It also reduces the fear of death and ill health.

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225

Saraswathy Homam- Education Enhancement homam

Saraswathy Homam is performed mainly for the students or to any age group before the start of new course in learning. It clears the mind and also helps to gain strong foothold in the area of the education. Also one will be blessed with concentration,will not forget but retain and remember whatever he or she reads

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225 <

Dhanvantari Homam- Good Health Maintenance homam

This homa is dedicated to the Indian God of medicine, Dhanavantri. This pooja is to be done when a person is suffering from ill health.and there is no option of getting well.When this pooja is done once in a year,there is an atmosphere of positive energy everywhere,thereby reducing ill effects on the health. This Puja is very powerful to clear health problems

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225

Navagraha Homam- Nine planets Priti Homam

Navagraha homam is performed by offering ahudhi to Nine planets with the food and grain offerings to navagrahas. Navagraha homam brings in lot of peace, karya siddhi and clears the blocks and obstacles.

COST: Rs.13,500/$ 225