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Will India win medals at the Olympics?

Will India win medals at the Olympics? Tuesday, 22 June , 2004, 14:15

The Olympic torch has left the Indian capital. And the eyes are set on the 61-member squad, which will leave to Athens to participate in Olympics 2004 carrying hopes of some 100 crore Indians from across the globe.
Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan does a Tarot Card reading for the performance of India against the international players, and predicts the possible outcome.
Question 1 ?Will India win medals?
The Tarot Cards say that Indians will surely win medals and it would be towards bronze or silver.
Question 2 ?How will Anju George perform?
The card drawn was Ace of Swords, which promises Anju an interesting tour.
Question 3 ?Will the Indian Hockey team succeed?
The Chariot card doesn? promises much though it shows a moderate performance.
Question 4 ?What about Tennis?
Indians will surely be able to excel in Tennis.

Will Schumy win the over all title of Grand Prix?

Will Schumy win the over all title of Grand Prix?

Thursday, 29 April , 2004, 17:30

The Formula 1 World Championship is to begin from May 9, in Spain and the eyes are set on the 6-time Grand Prix winner Michael Schumacher. Will he make it again? Or it would be Jenson Button racing better?
Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan pulls out few cards from his Tarot pack, and predicts what Schumy has in store for him?
The cards drawn were Queen of swords, 8 of Pentacles, and 2 of Wands.
Champions know how to perform and Michael Schumacher is not an exception. They perform the best under pressure, and according to Tarot predictions ?he will win the over all year title this time too?

Who will lift the Samsung Friendship Cup?

Who will lift the Samsung Friendship Cup?

Saturday, 20 March , 2004, 14:18

Pakistan is one up the Samsung Friendship series and India needs to win the match to be played on March 21st 2004, to equal the series. Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan draws few cards out of his Tarot pack, and predicts the overall results of the one-dayers played between India and Pakistan.
Cards drawn for India ?8 of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, and 4 of Wands.
Cards drawn for Pakistan ?5 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, and Ace of Cups
The upcoming matches will also be thrillers like the previous matches played, and they will have close fights too. The matches will be high scoring ones and the scores are likely to cross 250 runs.
There are very good chances that both the teams will win two match each. The final will be a cliffhanger.

India vs Pakistan ?prediction for 1st one-dayer!

India vs Pakistan Cricket

13th March, 2004

India tours Pakistan after nearly a 15-year gap, to play 3 test matches and 5 one dayers. Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan who had hit the Bull? eye in predicting the TVS Cup results, is here once again to predict all the matches to be played between India and arch rival Pakistan. This time he uses a new astrological technique to predict the winner of the 1st one-dayer to be played on 13th March, 2004.
Astrological Analysis
India is running her Venus dasha/Saturn bhukti/Sun antara/Mars pratantara/Venus sookshama, followed by Sun sookshama. Where as, Pakistan is running her Ketu dasha/rahu bhukti/Saturn antara/Saturn pratantara/Rahu sookshama. Prediction
As Rahu is more powerful for the day and chances of Pakistan winning the match are HIGH.
Since Rahu dominates the day there will be element of manipulation where in few umpiring decisions might go against India.
The star of the day is Anuradha, which is in the 8th house of Pakistan. It will be a close match and will have a nail biting FINISH

Prediction for TVS CUP!

TVS Cup prediction

November 18, 2003 at 12.15 pm IST

India enters finals, and we had predicted that at the beginning of the TVS Cup. Today India takes up Australia in the finals at the Eden Garden, Calcutta. And our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan shuffles his Tarot Deck to predict the results of the match.
Card drawn for Australia ?Ace of Swords
Card drawn for India - Chariot
And according to our astrologer Australia will win the match today!
He adds that Australia? opening performances will be good, and the score will reach above 240. Indian bowling performance and middle order batting will be better than previous matches.
Prediction that came TRUE for the match played between India and New Zealand on 15th November, 2003
Prediction that came TRUE for the match played between India and Australia on 12th November, 2003
Prediction that came true for the finalists of TVS Cup, posted on Oct 30, 2003

TVS Cup prediction

November 15th, 2003 at 2.30 pm

Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan who had predicted the result of the last match played between India and Australia correctly, once again takes his Tarot pack to check who will win today? match.
The cards drawn for each team were?
The Empress for New Zealand
The King of Swords for India
And according to our astrologer the chances for India more positive today, and according to him India will win the match today!
He also adds that the opening batsmen of the Indian team will give a dazzling performance compared to previous match played between India and Australia played in Bangalore.

TVS Cup prediction

Wednesday, 12 November , 2003, 11:56

India takes on Australia in Bangalore today in the ongoing TVS Tri Series, and our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan shuffles his Tarot Cards to predict about the match happenings and the match result.
The card driven for Australia was ?6 of Swords
The card driven for India is - 5 of Pentacles
6 of Swords happen to be stronger than 5 of Pentacles, and according to our astrologer Australia has more chances of winning the match today.
Other Match Prediction The score will be more than 200 runs | Indian batting will let them down | Star batsmen will be disappointing | Bevan will play well

TVS Cup prediction

Thursday, 30 October , 2003, 11:56

Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan, the sole predictor of the World Cup 2003 winner, shuffles his Tarot Pack once again to predict about the results of the ongoing TVS Cup played among India, Australia and New Zealand in India.
Tarot card pulled for Australia ?Six of swords
Tarot card pulled for India ?The Magician
Tarot card pulled for New Zealand ?Four of Cups
According to K Gopalakrishnan it seems Australia and India will enter the Finals!

Will Schumy continue the winning streak?

Will Schumy continue the winning streak?

On Oct 30, 2003

The king of Formula 1 racing, Michael Schumacher has won his 6th World Championship title.
And now the million-dollar question is wheather he will retain the world champion title in 2004 or not? Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan uses his Tarot cards to predict the outcome.
Will he win the title again?
The cards that were taken - 4 of Cups and Sun
Prediction - Yes, Michael Schumacher will win the over all title again, but with hiccups.
How will be Schumacher? next two years?
The cards that were taken - Three of Cups and Seven of Cups
He will win more trophies in the coming years, and will have many endorsement deals coming his way. Positive trend will continue in his career, and he will reset his priority at the end of 2 years!

Prediction for 2003 Wimbledon Women? Finals!

Wimbledon Women 2003

Tuesday, 15 July , 2003, 12:03

Venus Williams will face sister Serena in the Wimbledon final for a second straight year after outlasting Belgian second seed Kim Clijsters at Wimbledon on Thursday.
Despite clearly being affected by a stomach injury, the 2000 and 2001 champion rallied from a set down to win 4-6, 6-3, 6-1 in one hour 40 minutes. It was an extraordinary performance from Williams, who managed to find an extra gear in the final set despite obviously being in some pain.
Serena had earlier booked her place in the final by beating Justine Henin-Hardenne 6-3, 6-2.
It will be the sixth time the sisters have faced each other in the final of a Grand Slam tournament. Serena has won five of those encounters and Venus has not beaten her younger sister in any tournament since the US Open final in 2001.

Our astrologer shuffles his Tarot pack, and pulls few cards to predict about the outcome of this exhilarating match to commence on Saturday. Serena ?the card chosen 8 of Cups
Venus - the card chosen 4 of Wands
The match will probably be a 3-setter match, and will swing from one side to another. And according to our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan Serena Williams will win the FINALS!

Prediction for World Cup 2003

Prediction for World Cup 2003

Tuesday, 04 March , 2003

Every individual has a personal dream and a nation has a collective dream. This year India? collective dream is to win the World Cup, and to repeat the ?3 Lord? feat at South Africa.
Bernard Shaw has to rethink about what he said about cricket few decades back. It isn? 11 fools playing and 11,000 fools watching. It is a holy sport as far as India is concerned, and a game that has succeeded in uniting Indians where religions have failed miserably!
Life is not going to be the same from Feb 9th. All the ears will be set on the transistors, eyes on TV and the hands on the mouse to get the latest updates of what is happening at the South African pitch.
Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan looks at the planets, and spreads few Tarot cards to predict about the probable winners of the World Cup 2003, and also India? chances of winning the Cup!
After the pathetic performance by the Indian team at New Zealand, it looks next to impossible for India to win the the World Cup. But miracles do happen. And it happens when it is least expected.

India? victory in 1983 & chances of winning in 2003!

India? victory in 1983 & chances of winning in 2003!

In Whatsapp about K.B.Gopalakrishnan, Indian Nadi Astrologer, 13th Dec 2014, 01:30pm

India won the World Cup during Ketu dasa, Shukra bhukti & Rahu antara. In Kalachakra dasa it was Simha dasa and Kataka bhukthi. Rahu and Ketu were in the second house, of Indian natal chart, of Mithuna, Guru was in the Vrishika and Sani was in Thula.
Presently India is running Shukra dasa, which is good for sports, entertainment & events that will bring fame to India. And the bhukti that which is running now is of Sani, and antara of Budha. In transit the Shukra will be in the 8th house where other planets will be positioned ok.
Now the prediction part?the planetary positions implies that India will qualify for the second round easily. Also they have bright chances of entering into the Semi Finals. India will also lose some important matches in the early rounds.
There will be reasonably good performances especially by Yuvaraj Singh and also Mohd Kaif. Sachin will be as usual, hitting the ball all around the ground.
Winning the World Cup looks quite questionable as the tournament starts with India? Chandra in the 12th house in transit and also the 8th house Shukra, which is really negative. But we can surely pray for a wonderful tournament and accept the truth that one who deserves will always win!

Performance of Other teams! World cup 2003

World Cup 2003!

Couple of countries are at once removed from the fray, like Kenya, Bangladesh, Canada, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Holland. These five countries have meagre chances of wining the World Cup unless of course match fixing is at its best.
The countries, which have reasonable chances of winning the World Cup 2003, are Australia, England, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies. Of these countries England and West Indies will have very less chances owing to their present form.
Countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka stand a very good chance. All these countries can be expected to qualify for the second round without much hassle.
Tarot Spread
Question Asked - How strong is each team to win the World Cup?
Result ?The cards that got selected for the above question are -

India - 4 of Pentacles
Pakistan - 6 of Cups
Australia -3 of Swords
South Africa - Knight of Swords
Sri Lanka - Justice
Conclusion - It looks like South Africa has the strongest chances of winning followed by Australia

Wimbledon Match Prediction

World Cup 2003!

i always love to see the finals of the wimbledon matches.the class of tennis is amazing. i truly feelthe roger federer is one of the greatest player in the history of tennis. in any case we will picking for the two finals.
first the ladies single
davenport vs venus willams
venus is three of swords and davenport is the queen of pentacles.
it will be one sided match with venus clinching the crown yet another time.
who will win?
the second question who will win the finals in the mens wimbeldon?
roger federer vs the opponet-
4 of swords and the six of swords.
the match will be evenly fought one with close calls.
it will be federer edging past the opponent.
Due to some technical reason we could not upload this article before the match. But this article was published in jyotish list.

Future on Indian sports

Indian Sports

India is a cricket-obsessed nation. These days many sports like tennis car racing athletics chess is making much noise. Saturn is going to transit India’s third house and also we are running the raja yoga dasa of Venus followed by the bhukthi of mercury.
Following is the predictions

  • Many sportsmen other than cricket will do well.
  • Sania mizra will continue to win she will not be flash in pan.
  • Many youngster in the game of tennis will continue make name.
  • In chess anand will reach a new peak before 2006. He will be crowned as champion of the world itself. Few Indians will reach newer peak in chess.
  • Next is that car racing karthikeyan performance will be very good.
  • Indian athletics performance will be exemplary
  • Of course the question of cricket it will be mixed fortune so it is do with hockey. Many new peaks and first will be achieved by the Indian sports men before 2006 September. The beginning of this already happened. A nation asserted in computer will begin to slowly do in sports.
  • Venus is for car racing, mercury is for chess, mars is for tennis, sun is for cricket, and hockey is for Jupiter can be used as indicators.