War Predictions

US attack on Iraq

US Vs Iraq War Thursday, 20 March , 2003

The war between the US and Iraq will begin once Sun moves into the Aquarius i.e. between February 15 and March 15. Mars (28.43) will move from Libra to Scorpio, and Saturn (28.15) will also move fully from Gemini to Taurus. Both will aspect each other. In Western astrology this is called as opposition, hence round about these dates (Feb 15 & March 15) US might attack Iraq, and according to astrologer K Gopalakrishnan the precise date will be around Feb 21. War with Iraq

US President Junior Bush has inherited a strange legacy from his father. When senior Bush was in power, the US had fought against Iraq that adversely affected the US economy. Similarly, Junior Bush also waged a war, this time against Afghanistan, invariably affecting the markets.

The question now is whether Junior Bush will wage a war against Iraq?

Speculation is high whether Bush will attack Iraq. Meanwhile, Iraq is using all its diplomatic efforts to avert a strike or at least avert a possible international coalition against Iraq.

Our astrologer K B Gopalakrihsnan checks the astrological calculations to put some light on the whole issue

In astrology there is a particular technique, where the inauguration TIME (Presidential inauguration - Date: January 20, 2001, Time: 12:02:07) is taken into consideration to cast the chart. The reduced Vimshottari Dasa for Bush? presidential years is taken as 4 years. And this period will influence Bush to wage a war against Iraq.

His inauguration chart denotes that he might have been a warlord in his past life.

Mars is considered to be the planet of the war whose Bhukthi is going to start, and it is strange that it begins on September 11, which happens to be the 1st anniversary of the WTC attack.

His chart shows the bhukti of Mars, who is the lord of 8th and the 1st, placed in the 7th house. Looking at it from another angle Mars is placed in 12th house from the Chandra Lagna. From the Karakamsha Lagna, Mars, the 3rd and 10th lord, is placed in the 9th house.

The September 11 episode happened in the sub-sub-period of Mars. In the Dasamsa, Mars is in the 8th house ?the house of death - and also the 2nd and 7th lord.

The following are the implications after interpreting the technical aspects of the planets and their positions.

1.There will not be much improvement happening on the stock front in the US. The gloom and the fall will continue, with marginal rise once in a while. Mild improvements in the manufacturing sectors will be witnessed. Autos, precision components, and medical equipment will be doing well. Though there will be talks about recession receding, there will not be any significant or drastic improvement in the American economy.

2.Bush will wage war against Iraq, possibly before the end of this year. There will be heavy rhetoric from the US administration. The attack will be for a limited period. Bush will not be supported by many Arab nations openly. Many will support covertly though. There will be mass-protests against American policies in the Arab world, and Bush will use the rebels of Saddam regime to overthrow him!

War will commence within the next four months. America will undergo an emotional turmoil due to external forces. This will probably be sowing the seeds of cyclic conflicts and problems.

War will stop, UN to take over soon!

Stop War by UN

first week of April, 2003

The US war on Iraq will be short lived and come to an end on or around April 16, 2003. The US will be marching ahead with fierce resistance from the Iraqis. The operation won? be as easy as the US had anticipated. The US will be steering ahead and take on most of the Iraqi cities amidst deep resistance.

  1. Lot of oil wells will also be put to fire.
  2. 150-200 people will die from the coalition forces.
  3. The coalition force will not succeed in capturing Saddam. Saddam will either die or escape. The probability of Saddam escaping is more.
  4. One of Saddam? sons might lose his life.
  5. Iraqi soldiers will surrender in plenty, and there won? be any refugee crisis.
  6. The UN will interfere and take complete control of the situation. The transition will be smooth. And there won? be EU aids coming in.
  7. Coalition forces will have hiccups and they will progress slowly.
  8. Iraq will become demoCRItical, but the process will be slow.
  9. United Nations will play an active role in the whole war scenario. The handing over and UN taking charge will happen after the war.
  10. There will be couple of more air disasters or loss of planes.

UN? future

Future of UN

Tuesday, 13 May , 2003

There are debates about UN? irrelevance in the future, and few astrologers have predicted that the UN will come to an end as an organisation. Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan gives his input on the same, along with US? possibility of attacking Syria and India? relationship with Pakistan in the immediate future! Here are the technical details about UN? chart
The UN is undergoing a difficult dasa and bhukti of Mercury. The antara is of Venus, which is considered to be bad for Meena lagna. The present humiliation to the UN is due to the Venus antara, as Venus is the 8th lord from lagna, 6th lord from Chandra lagna and neecha from Karakamsa lagna.
After 08th June 2003 Surya antara will start and the situation will be just ok, and once the moon antara starts (from 22nd July 2003) things will look brighter for the UN.
United nation organisation will come back into international politics, and it will be more powerful than in the present. It will play a crucial role in humanitarian aid and also partially in politics as predicted in Iraq.
Will the war-mongering attitude of the US continue?
Technically the Sun is exalted, followed by Rahu and Mars. Moon will get exalted on May 4 and May 5, and as there is no eclipse around the corner and also major planets aren? in conjunction, we can safely conclude that there won? be any war between Syria and US in the next 3 months. The US will continue working in Iraq.
Also President George Bush? horoscope shows there won? be any immediate war on Syria!
Will India make pre-emptive strike with Pakistan
There won? be any war between India and Pakistan in the immediate future

World Prediction for the next 2 months

World Prediction

Tuesday, 13 May , 2003

The whole world will be in a grip of uncertainty and chaos for the next 2 months as planetary positions doesn? seem very good. Technically Saturn & Mars are conjugated in Rishaba (Taurus) & Ketu and Mars in Vrishika (Scorpio). Here are few implications due to this bad combination..

1) Lot of people across the globe will have mental tensions, financial problems, lack of peace and sickness. Mentally retarded people or mentally ill people should be taken care of, as they will need more personal attention.
2) There will be mass deaths.
3) Most of the world markets will look depressed. Stocks in the US will not be doing well. It will be bearish.
4) Sadam? regime will be over thrown, with or without war.
5) Babri-Masjid issue will flare up.
6) Tension will mount in countries like South Korea, North Korea, Czech Republic, US, Iraq, India & Pakistan.
7) India will do better economically.
8) Coffee will continue to suffer.
9) Industries will pass through worst problems.
The situation will get better once Saturn leaves Rishabha & also when Rahu and Saturn depart. Mars will also be moving out of Saturn. Things will start looking good post April 15, 2003, and the situation will be good by April 30, 2003.

SARS scare!

Indian Stock Markets

Tuesday, 13 May , 2003

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is the new epidemic that is creating havoc world over. Already more than 500 people have been reported dead across the globe, and few have been declared SARS positive in India. Our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan looks at the chart and comes out with some positive news. Rahu is in Rishabha, and it will move in to Mesha in the 9th month (September 2003). By this time SARS will be well in control, and also news about SARS will wither off. India will not have major problems.

Meanwhile, Airlines and communication sectors will continue to have problems for the next one and half year, as Saturn will be in Mithuna