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London bombings and future terror attacks

London bombings and future terror attacks 21, July,2005 6.01 PM

London bombings and future terror attacks
It was evening when one of friend’s wife mrs.uma balasubramanian called me and informed about the London bombing. I had not seen TV for the whole day. These days I want to avoid TV viewing as it disturbs my meditation. Her husband Raghu was working in the London and he had gone to Germany just then. She sounded composed as she was talking to me. I am sure random thoughts must have passed in her mind when she heard the news and was curious about her hubby chart. I checked her husband chart mentally for a moment and knew that nothing serious will happen and informed her so.

Now coming to London bombing.
What are the astrological combinations?

First see the mars and rahu in the same degree in the sign of Pisces. Moon Saturn near same degrees and Venus and mercury is in same degrees.
If u sees the September 11th attack it is the mars and ketu in same degrees. The Jupiter and rahu is sign of mithuna. The moon and Saturn in same sign.
There fore when ever mars and ketu combines in the charts there is violence globally.
Depends on the sign if it is the watery sign then the impact is very less and if it is the fiery sign then the impact is more.
Now Jupiter and ketu will combine once again which is from 18th august till 23rd august 2005 more mass death can be expected. Directions can be in the north itself. August 23rd can be real negative date. May be date with death for many people.

Will there be more terror attacks?

  1. More attacks can be expected in different magnitudes and levels. Mostly the al-qadea will target anything around than 200 people. They will even switch tactics for 50 people are even less.
  2. Mark the words when ever mars and ketu combines there is bound to be these kinds of attacks. When ever grahayuda happens between planets. Saturn ketu mars and Jupiter and mars combines these will be common.
  3. Nations like the USA ,UK ,Netherlands , south Korea, Italy, Poland , Ukraine , Romania , Australia , Japan , Denmark , Bulgaria , El Salvador , Mongolia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Latvia , Czech Republic ,Lithuania , Slovakia, Armenia, Moldova, Albania , Estonia, Tonga , Kazakhstan, Macedonia will be the target of attack.
  4. There capitals and important cities will be target of violence and coordinated multiple attacks. These nations citizens can be kidnapped in Iraq and other places and can be used for extortions. If it is not paid they will be murdered and showed in TV which will chill many people heart and provoke extreme reactions. This money will be used to funding for future attacks.
  5. The timing of attacks will be in and around elections or referendums in these nations, important summits of international significance. .In these countries hostage drama, hijacking or tourism spots used by these people will be points of terrors.
  6. Indian temples and holy shrines will be target of the attacks. The government I pray should take these warnings seriously.
  7. Bigger nation’s cities like New York, Madrid, London will face future attacks. The smaller nationality will be kidnapped.
  8. They will use human suicide bombs (started by the LTTE in Sri Lanka) in Israel and car bombs in Iraq will be common feature. In the western nations it will be lesser scale and frequency. it will once a year or twice a year can expected.
  9. London will be a future targets as the chart of Tony Blair coronation shows mass death. Whether it will foiled all depends of the dasa and bhukthi. All the nations in the grand alliance in Iraq will be target for violence.
  10. New ways of terror and violence will be invented by these terror cells of bin laden.
  11. As long western forces stay in the soil of Iraq these kind of coordinated multiple attacks can be expected. Handing over to the United Nations will solve many problems for the USA but then arrogance of victory has blinded the western powers like blizzard or sand storm which started at the time of invasion of Iraq.

I even doubt that war on terror will ever won the western nations. It is like asura when u kill one many comes out of his blood. As they kill terrorists more will be born and takes up ways of violence for revenge and avenging death of there own people. War on terror can continue beyond GEORGE BUSH and BIN LADEN lives. Even if the western forces kills bin laden more will be born in his name, he might even reach mythic proportions. It is not the inefficiencies of the western government but the sheer magnitude of the providing security in such a micro level. A new strategy and game plan needs to be required to protect these kinds of crimes of invisible enemy whose attacks are small in magnitude but produces tremendous impact. The media projects as failure of security but it is lot easier said than done. As long western nation’s hypocritical play Machiavellian politics these problems will continue. For those who do not who is Machiavelli the famous writer of the book prince which encourages deceitful methods for ruling a nation. In India people have renounced the kingdom for sake of brothers and example is lord Rama the famous bahu balli of Jain sect .Machiavelli teaches the doctrine of violence, lies, murder and cunningness to rule. Such is apathy of western brilliant minds and philosophical models which has sown seeds for conflicts and violence. The policy of western nations like encouraging terrorists in the name of ideology , dictatorial regimes, selling arms and ammunition to precipitate arms race between nations which ends in terrorist hands, hypocritical ways of crimes against humanity will only produce these kinds of elements. the doctrine and practices of Machiavelli has to be changed by western government especially of America which creates problems for peaceful coexistence .Even if the prayer of Francis of Assisi is followed” in loving we are loved” or ways of Christ showing another cheek to enemy will bring in lasting peace. As I write this piece it is very painful for some times mundane astrology is talking about negative things. For example so many people dying in London is painful. So many mothers whose son/daughter will be seen no more, so many dreams and lives shattered, so many wife losing there husband and vice versa .yes the alqaeda jihadis will have satisfaction of seeing some one suffer . What a barbaric ways of living lives? So is western powers. Look at srilanka the entire nation is grip of the violence for number of years, so is the case with Palestine. I hope in days to come humanity will learn from the wise Buddha said that hatred will never cease hatred that love will heal though ways are long. Remember the words of Christ who said that those who take sword shall perish by it. No one wants to be enslaved or conquered. Freedom, independence is greater than any thing less. Many crimes and mass death has been done in the name conquering the world for many centuries by many rulers. The whole world can be conquered by love like the great beings of light mahavira, Buddha, manickavasagar, bodhi dharma not by the byntes bullets or by military might. I hope in days to come that instead of guns that humanity and western government will solve problems with roses and hearts. May lasting peace prevail on the earth. May ahimsa be practiced world wide. May the ways of great beings light be followed? May every one meditate. Some one asked what these people who execute and master mind terror will be born as. It is sweet revenge for alqaeda for the moment whose jihadis when law of karma takes it course who will take many life times to even get a human birth in there coming life times. May be many will born a bacteria or viruses for many life times for there crimes against humanity. May the divine forgive them for all life is illusions there is no birth and no death.

After effects of LONDON Blast. Will Stock Market & EURO Currency Market Shake Like London Shook

After effects of LONDON Blast

July 21,2005 2.35 PM

I saw in the papers that stock markets all over the world were shaken. It is bear grip due to London bombings.
First this entire situation is only temporary. People will forget as time passes like the Madrid bombings. That will happen with in next 15 days.
The global financial and stock markets are bound for recovery.
Month of august 2005 can be dull.
Sep 2005 will be much better.
As predicted earlier dollar will be stronger against the euro

Where will i get tea from? down 30 years each country will have monopolised product...

Where will i get tea from?

JULY 2nd 2005 2;45 PM

I always use to say to my students that a good astrologer can beat the some of the best economist in the world. This is not said out of arrogance but with deep understanding. Many scientist have created models of subjects like the economics, physics etc, but there is no model in the world which is holistic comprehensive and so encompassing like the astrology. the 9 planets and the 12 signs can fit in with any models in the world.
In any case there is lot of fear how the global economy will work. There is lot of fear doubts and despair due to fast changes in the world economy. Voices of hue and cry about out sourcing.
First of the global economy will get specialized. it will not be like every country is doing every thing. for example the whole world will source tea from srilanka, vitenam and other countries will not be producing much tea.
if some one wants software solutions and BPO then it will Indian and some south east Asian country.This means the world nations will have specialize and the whole world will buy from them.The affluent countries will be of course will also be good in some areas.
For example Saudi in the current trends has a specialty is oil . like this there will pockets of specializations. Also there will be level playing fields as more countries becoming richer and they will demand rules which are fair.
More over products will be sold like that of movie making. it is made and sold across the world in short period of time and reruns are less. In the same way products can be sold and produced and go to next level with in 30 days. now days product have bigger life cycle of little more than year and this will shrink more and more.
the supply chain and the logistics will be so efficient that most people can buy any thing from any part of the world.web dream has gone sour but it will key factor in uniting the world economy. more than 50% of the business will be done in the web.
the global economy will have new rules the old model of bully like America running the world economy will lead to collective bargain were nation pile up together and get there deals better.This in a matter of 30 years will be slowly coming true.


Oil Prices

21st JULY, 2005, 3.30PM

The question in the mind of many Indian politicians and many nations leader will the oil prices will it still go up?
The Indian congress government will be worried because the stability of government deals with oil prices. The government wants to hike oil prices in the retail markets and the left does not want oil prices to go up.
A day can come oil can be sold at the rate of 70 dollars a barrel. This can happen when Saturn and ketu meets in simha that is between 2006 Sep -2008 Sep. -
In the millennium chart Saturn is neecha in the eighth house. Oil is related with Saturn. So the prices are bound to go up.
Oil prices will further go up like it or not it is bound to go up. It can reach even 65 dollars as barrel before the year end
There bound to be fluctuations in the mid august.
The Indian government will resist maximum due to left pressures and increase the oil prices in the margin of Rs. 2- 5. The kerosene and diesel will still run of subsidy. The so called intelligentsia of the media will say oil prices will go up.
I know a man who is a petrol bunk owner and a client of mine. On seeing a television channel panel discussions, he bought and stocked up huge quantities in the hope of making quick. He was surprised when the prices did not go up. Of course he lost money because he borrowed money on interest.
I told him it is very easy to predict. Do not listen to the media discussions. First the media will be buzz with rumors to gauge the public reaction. If it is negative then the idea will be dropped. Then you will see Sitharam yechucury or Karda making statements suddenly. Then there will be hike. See the left move then you can predict in India, whether oil prices will go up or not.
The left is like daughter in law of rich house hold who huffs and puffs but finally give in ways of the house hold in reluctant manner.
In the long run oil prices will shoot up further. What ever strategy done by the OPEC or by the western nations is bound to make the oil prices shoot up. Hope against hope is sheer waste of time energy and effort.
Indian economy will not be affected they have good dasa so they manage to come out of it successfully.


World Currencey Prediction

November 18, 2003 at 12.15 pm IST

There has been some request from the known quarters to predict on the currency markets. Of course this is a new frontier and barrier which needs to be breached. Following is the prediction given. Normally the astrological reasoning will be given. These are initial days and I would like to go slow in terms of sharing. The details can be sketchy and will be useful for people in lesser sense. In any case this is a new beginning.
Following is the predictions-
Americans will follow the strong dollar policy. There can be more interest rate hike by the fed chairman before the end of the year.
Secondly the Chinese government in comparison with dollar will hold on the old rates at least till the year end.
Rupee will see significant hike. It can be less than 50ps but surely there will be increase against the dollar.
The euro though has the potential to be strongest currency in the world will be sluggish throughout the year. With Germany going in to polls not much swing can be expected.
Yen will have very marginal less than 2% fluctuations with the dollars.
The pound sterling will continue to be positive or same trend with the dollars.
Any way if u are Indian then better to invest in the Indian rupee which will have show appreciation.
If u do make money and feel grateful do send us check
Bye Gopalakrishnan

The future of Palestine

The future of Palestine

5.9.2005,11:35 AM

I was seeing the withdrawal of the settlers in the Gaza strip by the Israel. The media was hoping for peaceful resolution of the conflict in Israel. I really wish in the bottom of the heart the place become peaceful that world knows that place as the birth of apostle of peace.
First of all Jews can never live in peace because of the curse . they were cursed for killing a messiah namely Jesus Christ. when the Pilate the Rome counsel attempts to rescue the Christ with various possibility. he ask the water to be brought on . if u see the movie he says ‘ I wash away all responsibility of all impact namely the negative action. The Rome government is not responsible only Jews will be responsible for the gruesome act.”
The crows roars yes and Jesus prosecution becomes a reality. What ever it is unless all the Jews practice the act of asking pardon for there grue some deed it is never going to bring them peace.
Believe me I am not pro Christian or anti Jew it is just that I look it as from point of view of law of karma. The force of karma will never allow them to live peacefully with their neighbors. There will be war like situation for long time to come. Even if the Palestine state is formed it is never going to leave them in peace.
The second problem is so many people dying and living in bitterness will create future birth of these souls born with revenge and problem. Therefore it will long time before humanity solve the problem.
May be the person with the caliber of Christ , the great Atisha, Padama Sambhava, Madavacharya, Chaitnaya Maha Prabhu can heal the place and people. Not by the so called tactics and ideas of the global leaders who will create more pain and agony.
May the whole world be peaceful,
May the whole world be free of conflicts and war,
May the people leave there belief in violence.

Gopal's Sri Lanka predictions that came true

Gopal's Sri Lanka predictions that came true

Wednesday, 12 November , 2003, 11:56

Sri Lanka ran her Rahu Dasha from 1992. Rahu is placed in the 6th house, and in mundane astrology the 6th lord dasha will always give rise to problems related to terrorist attacks and insurgency activities. In India with the start of 6th lord dasha we had problems in Kashmir. From lagna the 10th lord is in 11th house along with Mars, from Moon the 10th lord is in the 8th house, and from Karakamsa lagna the 10th lord is in the 12th house. Effectively this means that the government can NEVER function in peace.
The lagna lord is Sun and the 6th lord is Saturn, the government and the rebels will always be at loggerheads.
Prime Minister Ranil got elected, when Saturn was transiting the 10th house, which is 12th house from the 10th lord, which implies change in governance.
As Saturn entered the 11th house, the tussle between PM Ranil and President Chandrika Kumaratunga came to fore. FUTURE OF SRI LANKA
Will the peace process plunge Sri Lanka into controversy once again?
The answer is clear NO. The present Venus Bhukti is indeed very good, as it is 3rd and 10th lord placed in 11th house from lagna, 1st and 8th lord placed in 9th house from Karagamsha lagna, and 2nd and 9th lord placed in the 10th along with 3rd and 8th lords from Chandra lagna.
· The peace process will be very slow, and it will go back and forth.
· As Saturn enters Kataka, from Sept 2004 to 2006, there will be lot of blood shed and loss of lives in Sri Lanka.
· A very important leader in Sri Lanka will be assassinated in the next 3 years.
· The grip and hold of Chandrika Kumarathunga will wane slowly.
· Chandrika Kumaratunga will compromise on issues.
· The conflicts started in 1992 with not come to end soon. It has to wait till Guru dasha starts i.e., in 2010.
· LTTE WILL NOT lay their arms easily. The peace process will drag on for sure.
· Ranil will find his going tough till 2004 October, later he will see marked improvement in his career/position.
· America will issue warning but will not intervene.

The astrology reasons of Katrina and Rita stroms

The astrology reasons of Katrina and Rita stroms

09/28/05 14:29:55

As hurricane Rita has hit the coast of Louisiana, Texas I was reminded of the women in India who are like hurricane Katrina and Rita. Do not get me wrong they are like avatars of kali and durga leaving there husband battered ,shattered and catered for by the neighbors. One women told me “I beat my husband when he is not ok . he should listen na “? I said yes , fearing that same fate or same beating happening to me. I hope some one is able to forecast there moods like the meteorologist who gives the weather forecast .The husbands can evacuate their residence before the wife mood storms, swings and hits them.
Jokes apart. let me become so serious.
First of all Saturn is the watery sign. In mundane astrology water is sign is for floods, storms and disaster due to flooding. so Saturn in the watery sign is creating havoc in many parts of the world. If suppose Saturn is in the fiery sign then there is possibility of explosion, fire accidents forest fires etc. If the Saturn is the earthy sign then problems for the cattle's, vegetations etc. if Saturn in airy sign there will be increase in air disasters etc. So this is first technique or see were the Saturn is placed.
planet Saturn came to earth very close in the month of January I had written that there will be problems in the western part of the country. so the places like Gujarat and Maharashtra are inundated with the floods in the last few months.
The next reason is conjunction of mars and Saturn in watery sign will lead to mass death due to water. I had already written elsewhere when Jupiter or Saturn is about to make the transit in the next sign then there will be problems for the world. The conjunction of more than 5 planets in less than 30 degrees around the sign of kanya will add to these problems. It is also the month of mahalaya which is for ancestral worship and offering food to them. In India many people do not take these things seriously so generally there can be lot of astral disturbances. Finally with sun and mercury getting in grahayudha will only add the woes of the world. So till sun enters into thula this problem will continue. When the mahalaya ends in sep 30 then the situation will improve to lesser extent.
Shall we say the women and nature fury are the same. They will be patient for long period of time when they get angry the impact is catastrophic. I hope in the days to come they stop the global warming practices which creates many problems for the world

Will oil prices come down in short run by K.B.GOPALAKRISHNAN

Will Schumy continue the winning streak?

01/16/2006 15:47

The answer is clear no. Oil prices will be steady in around 60 dollars a barrel.
It will go even on the higher side with in next two – three months.
With the proxy war of US still to end in Iraq the oil markets will be pressurized.
If you are a motorist, then the price change in the retail market can be expected within the next 6 months easily.