Ganapathy homam


Ravichandhran - Mumbai

You did better than I expected think you very much , The benefit seems good to me. You are doing a good job. thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

jeni - New Delhi

The quality of the Pooja is amazing, they do pooja step by step without any compromise that like sankalpa is very different.

Ganapathy homam - ₹.13,500 / $.225.00

This homa is done before starting any new task or project. It will ensure that goals are attained without any hindrance which is the Karya siddies. Also ganapathy homam will help in Winning of any problem, Release of problem, Intial push and success in work and Success in every transistion point of life.

Ganapathy homam benefits :

To clear small difficulties

House warming after reconstruction

If you are going to start something new like business

To achieve Karya siddhi of any activity or the event

To increase akarshanam, vasiyam and mohanam

ganapathy homam will help in Winning of any problem

Ganapathy homam is performed to


₹.13,500 / $.225.00