Sarpa Shanthi Homam


Ravichandhran - Mumbai

You did better than I expected think you very much , The benefit seems good to me. You are doing a good job. thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

jeni - New Delhi

The quality of the Pooja is amazing, they do pooja step by step without any compromise that like sankalpa is very different.

Sarpa Shanthi Homam

₹.13,500 / $.225.00

Sarpa Shanthi Homam is done to clear the naga dosha, rahu dosha, kethu dosha, curses in the family or lineage, childlessness problems and general blocks and difficulties of life.

The Health Benefits on performing Sarpa Shanthi Homam are as follows:

Increases Money flow in Life.

Helps Recover lost strength.

Strengthens Body, Bones & Immune System.

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain a healthy mental balance.

Keeps away depression and nervous tension mentally.

The Financial Benefits on performing Sarpa Shanthi Homam are as follows:

Hereditary financial problems due to past family history will never cross until till the end of life.

Increases Money flow in Life.

Timely payment for your business operation or due to your past experience is reflected properly in your chart or horoscope will surely gain the positive prospect to increase your personal finance etc.

Good Financial Luck is always present with you.

Able to handle big projects and important decisions easily without feeling any pressure or tension.

Boost your Ojas and Tejas to shine brighter and become more attractive. Attract business, clients, good rapport with Boss

Sarpa Shanthi Homam is performed to

Rahu & Ketu

₹.13,500 / $.225.00