Vastu Video Consultation

  • We can do online consultations in vastu. The floor plan can be send Through Whatsapp or Mail.
  • We align with the positive and negative directions of the person based on the horoscope analysis. It will vary from people to people, place to place.
  • Based on the Drawing you had send we will send you the video reading of the analysis, the changes you need to make and the fengshui remedies.
  • vastu for residential building

    How Our Vastu Analysis different From Others

    In vastu shastra we do not use the general vastu remedies as north east is for swami room and south east is for kitchen. We believe that each and every person directions are different. Each one has negative and positive directions depending on the horoscope. This will done for all the family members Please do not waste time in telling us that north east is for swami room and south east for kitchen. This is general vastu and we do not waste time in doing analysis like this. it does not work consistently. Why different owners and tenants have different impact at different point of time will not be answered by general vastu remedy


    What you have to give to us ?
    Place of birth (Please note the time of birth need to be accurate and should not be approximate)
    Floor Plan Of the Property

    Vastu Products

    Vastu Consultation- Video Presentation


    1. Vastu analysis is done with regard to vastu of existing flat or plot, new plots both residential property and commercial property.
    2. Video recording of the vastu reading will be send.
    3. Feng shui solutions will be given
    4. pooja room vastu, master bedroom vastu, and all best vastu solutions will be given
    Service charge- Rs 3000 / $53