Kavadi Prashnam



Kavadi Prashnam is a Vedic astrological practice which can be performed to check the present and future. The results of this analysis depends on the time, date and place of birth of a person. You can also find out your ruling planet, Rashifal etc. In this you can also monitor your horoscope here.

Kavadi Prashnam


₹ 1500.00 / $22.00

For international clients

1.Take Kavadi Prashnam over phone on whatsapp or skype From The best Astrologer Who Predicted Fall of LTTE Prabhakaran, Iraq War and Afgan War.
2.All the Queries wil be answered by Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
3.after the payment kindly send your name and nakshatra to the whatsapp no.
4.Acharya will take sankalp amd do the pooja for the kavadi or sea shells. 12 kavadi will be used. The pooja will open the divine light vortex and the guidance vortex.
5. Then the kavadis are rotated and counted to fix the prashna Lagnam.
6.Once the prashna lagna is fixed You can ask your query with regard to career, finance and any other personal matter.


₹ 1500.00 / $22.00

For international clients

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