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Top Indian Vastu expert Gopalakrishnan since 1997 with 25 years of experience does comprehensive study of space flow and energy flow of a buiding. Our services include Vastu Shanti (Making place peaceful), Vastu Shanti Pooja (Praying for the place), Vaastu Remedies (Remedial Measures), vastu consultation, Vastu Advice, Home Vastu, Business Vastu, Office Vastu, Property/Villa Vastu, Hotel/Restaurant Vastu, Office Luck/Business Growth, and Hanging/Placement..

How Our Vastu analysis Is different

  • We pick the strong quadrant of a premises
  • Fix the strong direction in a premises
  • Ayadi Shad Vargam Analysis to make inner space and outer space resonate in harmony
  • Tune and channel the place energy with the family members with direction-astrology analysis
  • Fengshui For Energy Balance

Articles By Vastu Consultant Gopalakrishnan

Vastu Consultation Charges

1. Ask question- ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.00

2. Flat analysis - ₹ 2500.00 / $ 36,00

3. Complete Vastu Reading - ₹ 3500.00 / $ 50,00

4. Factory or Industrial Vastu- ₹ 5000.00 / $72,00

For international clients

    What the clients are taking about Vastu Consultant Gopalakrishnan?

  • We have provided onsite as well as video online consultations for vastu
  • For Personal Vastu Consultation you can meet vastu consultant with the floor plan
  • For online consultation, The floor plan can be send Through Whatsapp or Mail.
  • We need the horoscope details of the family members, as Vastu directions and alignments will vary from people to people
  • Based on the Drawing you had send we will send you the video reading of the analysis,the changes you need to make and the fengshui remedies.
  • For Office Vastu And Companies vastu we take the proprietor or partners horoscope and do the Vastu alignment.

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Note :
For international clients

Our Client Review

What the clients are taking about Vastu expert Gopalakrishnan ?

“This is the best consultant I have ever met, it feels like he is a friend of mine. He cares about your business and gives you advice with honesty. I will not hesitate to work with him again in the future.”

Kamal - business

“The consultant was very professional, he answered all my questions and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend his services.”

Abinaya - bank manager

“I use his way of solving problems to solve my own problems on a daily basis, and it always works, if you have any problem you can contact him and he will help you.”

Shalini- air hostess

“This guy is amazing. He finished my consultation within a few hours and I now have a solid business plan for my restaurant. I am very excited and will go back to tell me how it goes.”

Muthu kumar- business

“The solution he provides is so thoughtful and valuable that we deeply feel every word he says, He has an amazing gift to solve problems and make people happy.”

Praveen - doctor

“I will tell you right now, Gopalakrishnan is amazing. I had a consultation with him yesterday and he was very patient with me. I had all kinds of questions regarding my business and he answered them all with confidence.”

Anadhi - Gowtham

Why Choose Us

Vastu Consultant Gopalakrishnan have consulted for hundreds of businesses as well as private homes.
Drawn from the ancient Vedic text, vastu aims to provide harmony in every corner of your home to bring
you success and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.

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