We at sathyaprema is one of the leading service providers when it comes to vastu services. Our vastu expert Gopalakrishnan will provide you correct online vaastu, information about vastu shastra and provide online vastu consultation for home and companies. We believe in power of Technology in bringing Vastu Services online to you.

What we do

  • Get vaastu consutant online from our vastu experts K.B.Gopalakrishnan who is well acquainted in vastu shastra and ancient Indian techniques. He will guide you properly by doing consultation for vastu homes or house vastu and for companies and factories. When you construct a house, seeing vastu compliant has become predominant to have clutter free house.
  • Vaastu helps you to align with the energy of your house, which will bring good health, success and peace into your life. We consults with the energy field aspect of vastu to find the positive energy and negative energy. He does vaastu consultation online, so that you can have vaastu consultation from anywhere either in Bangalore or Chennai or Mumbai or anywhere in the world.
  • In recent days, most of them check the entrance of the house whether north west or north east or north and avoids south west or south or face the north or west facing and consider as not ideal, which as become basic part of vastu.
  • As the vaastu is considered a science of architecture, it also has a strong connection with astrology. We offer vaastu consulting services to help our clients align their astrological correlation as well. We do Vastu consultant and give vastu tips such as easy money flow, good health etc.
  • Vaastu

    1. house plan checking (per house)- ₹ 1500.00 / $ 22,00

    2. complete Vastu Reading (per floor (or) per apartment) - ₹ 2500.00 / $ 36,00

    3. factory or Industrial Vastu- ₹ 5000.00 / $72,00


    1. We can do online consultations in vastu. The floor plan can be send Through Whatsapp or Mail.
    2.We align the positive and negative directions of the person based on the horoscope analysis and astrology.
    3.Vastu directions and alignments will vary from people to people, place to place
    4. Based on the Drawing you had send we will send you the video reading of the analysis, the changes you need to make and the fengshui remedies.
    5. For Office Vastu And Companies vastu we take the proprietor or partners horoscope and do the Vastu alignment.

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    Our Client Review

    What the clients are taking about Astrologer Gopalakrishnan?

    “This is the best consultant I have ever met, it feels like he is a friend of mine. He cares about your business and gives you advice with honesty. I will not hesitate to work with him again in the future.”

    Kamal - business

    “The consultant was very professional, he answered all my questions and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend his services.”

    Abinaya - bank manager

    “I use his way of solving problems to solve my own problems on a daily basis, and it always works, if you have any problem you can contact him and he will help you.”

    Shalini- air hostess

    “This guy is amazing. He finished my consultation within a few hours and I now have a solid business plan for my restaurant. I am very excited and will go back to tell me how it goes.”

    Muthu kumar- business

    “The solution he provides is so thoughtful and valuable that we deeply feel every word he says, He has an amazing gift to solve problems and make people happy.”

    Praveen - doctor

    “I will tell you right now, Gopalakrishnan is amazing. I had a consultation with him yesterday and he was very patient with me. I had all kinds of questions regarding my business and he answered them all with confidence.”

    Anadhi - Gowtham

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