Can Vastu alignment be perfect?

How to remove all vastu dosh from house?

  • Here is Astrologer Gopalakrishnan, Best vastu consultant in Chennai and Let us begin this discussion with the understanding that no Esoteric Sciences can be perfect so that is the problem even with vastu. You’ve vastu what is good for one family member will not be in alignment for other family members, so that for perfect vastu is not possible for the entire family. Many People believe that north vastu house, north west vastu house as perfect vastu but it is not so. Many people think asking a building plan as per vastu for north facing, north west facing main door vastu is enough for the entire family but it is not so.
  • Is vastu important for house? Home starts with the getting the land, get a building plan according to the vastu for house of each and everyone in the family or family member is the most important aspect. If you're planning to go into a flat, then the worst part is builder have to build and sell it across. They cannot align for each and every individual. In this it is going to be a problem that can be in alignment of us to 80% ,70 %, 60% of the time where does many people expect hundred percent to be in vastu for home which is not going to be problem across.
  • Only if you buy a land, build according to the vastu, that will be a lot of areas where that the vastu will be defective across. So, one can expect to buy a flat plan with the Builder and build a house accordingly were there will be fewer restrictions across. so actually, the person's Karma works a lot in the area of vastu and to overcome these rishis have introduced the rituals with you and help you to clear the energy of the place.

  • That it what like the Asta Dig Balaka pooja and the other Pooja which will help you to have an alignment of the place with the time, where the minor defects really overcome using the ritual Imperfection 8 part of nature God is naturally perfect and imperfect; that is why one does not know whether he will answer the prayer That is why, In the Persian carpet one corner is kept imperfect because in harmony of life imperfection has a place.
  • Years ago, they put best facial feature of all actor and actress and construct an image where lips of Elizabeth Taylor, nose of Marliyn Monroe etc where collaged. They found final picture was ugly. Every top actor and actress have imperfection which make them pretty. A successful person life has failures, problems, challenges, peppered inside it Hence, Vastu imperfection will add to harmony of the house.
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