Vastu tips for home:

Why it is important in to clear the clutter in the house?

  • First and main point in vastu shastra for home is Cleaning. Cleaning as an important methodology for maintaining clarity of the house energy. we have officially a festival called Boogie which is used to clear the debris from the house. It is celebrated before the harvest festivals. All the old things are brought in front of temple and it is burnt. It is called as Sookai Panai. Just like house vastu plan is important for a house, same wise Cleaning is also basic for each house. Many people have old fans, Tube light, cycle, paper, clothes are all kept inside the closet for a number of years which actually brags and drinks the energy of person. 30% of time clearing clutter frees up the mind emotions.
  • So, clutter clearing is a very important point of the Waze to program. Many vastu consultant help in suggesting north west facing main door vastu, west entry house vastu, vastu tips for house construction but doesn’t tell this major secret. No, this clutter clearing can be done even in the computers, cell phone by the clearing old files, photo, videos and the generally the trash is cleared across and this is a very important way to free up not only the phone but also the free of the emotional heaviness. One lady whom I asked to remove the trash actually felt very pleased she called up and she told actually I have beard 40-50 years of old stuff which is actually hanging as a baggage or nobody using it across.
  • Another person was having a lot of problem in the office I asked him to remove the desk, clear the Clutter from the desk and throw away all old files photos and the papers which are unrelated to his work and he felt a lot of relief and this problem was beginning to get worried about some of the past issues. There's another student was unable to study a lot I asked him to organize the book, throw away all the world trash and ask him to keep the book in a particular place along with the cover across, he felt he had a lot of inclination to study and his motivation to study and actually improve the Lot. One of the husband and wife were having a problem and they were having continuous fights in the bedroom, I asked him to remove the Clutter underneath the bed which was used as a kind of a junkyard to throw away all the wood things and they were sleeping in that I asked him to clear it across and they felt a lot of relief in their personal day-to-day interaction across.

  • The real clutter :

  • I mean that wealth area has to be free of clutter if you try to keep a lot of junk in the wealthy area, you will have a lot of problem. So therefore, keep the wealthy area very clear and then you will see you are well to multiply a lot money, expenses come down, debts get paid. Mentally one becomes clear on spending money on priority. Generally, the north is kept as a real wealth area the other areas which can be kept depending on your horoscope. Keep your house clean, it actually clearly sees anything and orange chakra and also you would be able to make a lot of money and mentally be very clear Florida people as they grow up hold onto objects as memories and which creates a lot of problem into their life. Letting go is an important process in life and the best way to begin is to let go of the objects into your life and that is a recommendation off vastu.
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