Vastu is not only directional alignment.

The following is the various types of alignment :

  • Time alignment
  • Objects alignment.
  • Main door alignment
  • Measurement alignment.
  • Rooms alignment
  • Quadrants alignment.

  • Time alignment

  • Many people do not know to see muhurta? Time has greater influence than space. The most important alignment is the milk function. Milk must be boiled in good time the Graha Pravesam. Can be done in important time. Time can strengthen the direction or weaken the direction. For example, one client told me I have done well in. Ten house second and 11th lord was not very good. Someone told after he came to the house, he started feeling sick the 6th lord dasa. In spite the vastu being accurate wrong time can damage lot of impact on. Lives of the people. Fixing good time muhurta principle is first alignment. Even though many alignments this is the most important alignment.
  • Object Alignment

  • This is very important alignment. Objects are divided in to 5 elements. Based on utility is correct method. Length breadth colour shape can be used classify the objects as 5 elements. This is very confusing. Feng sui classify the objects in to yin and yang is male and female.
  • This is method is used 5 elements are balanced. Too much of any element is accepted if it aligns with activity. Otherwise, it is balanced with 5 elements. Swami room ether element or wood element is kept more. Photos which are pleasing in nature is kept. In kitchen fire is high less of metals are used. Air elements like mirror is used to control the fire element.
  • Measurement alignment.

  • Alignment of length and breadth. It is called as Ayyadi shad Varga. The length breadth multiplied and divided with various number. Prosperity health income of building is calculated. Suitable adjustment in the building is made. Brahma sthana the centre of building is important. It is just mathematical way to understand the impact of the building in day today life of the occupants. This is not understood by the Western people. Fengshui Chinese geomancy has some method which are different from. Our calculation in vastu. In the essence space is analysed for various parameters.
  • Main Door alignment.

  • Main door alignment the strongest direction for family members is chosen across. The direction is marked based on horoscope. Each planet is given a direction, east is Venus, South east – moon, South – Mars, South West is Rahu, west is Saturn, north west is Ketu, North is Jupiter, North East is Mercury.
  • Room alignment.

  • Rooms are aligned weakest kitchen, swami room and varg room. Is kept strongest direction bed room. Working space is kept across. Direction is fixed according to the horoscope as good average and negative.
  • Quadrant alignment.

  • Quadrants alignment each room is analysed as astrological q2 houses 9 planets or using fengshui method. The entire houses are divided in to nine quadrants and analysis is done. Vastu is multi-dimensional alignment we work with nature than against Harmony of time natir building and person.
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