Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology

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The following is the USP of this book:

1. predictions which have come true, are used as examples. the logic behind is written clearly.
2. Different areas like Politics, sports, yearly prediction and celebrity analysis are covered.
3. One of the largest collection of mundane astrology prediction, which has come true.
4. New nadi methods on transit.
5. Easy to use like a manual
6. Simple ways of becoming a good mundane astrologer.
7. one of the best books on mundane astrology
8. Easy logical flow of chapters

this book is the very first book written on mundane astrology.

Astrologer Gopalakrishnan - A man proficient in astrology, vastu, kalachakra, meditation and spirituality. He had taken Astrology to the next level by making the astrology concepts simple and easy to understand. He always wants people to learn techniques that are workable and will help them in enhancing their prediction.The prophecy about him says that " He will have the Trikala Dhristi { the sight of past , present and future} " and that he will be blessed by many divine beings.He was able to pinpoint the death of his aunt Shyamala without any physical symptoms, though she was hale and healthy and only then he realised that he also had Mrityu Siddhie - where one can see the death of a person in a easy fashion. He has formulated the techniques in a workshop called " MRITYU SIDDIE" and in this course he teaches people how to predict death and the list of factors that will happen before a person's death.

1. All the techniques that has been told in the book is simple.

2. Examples are given in a explicit manner to understand the technique.

3. The extensive usage of Indian Independence Horoscope for prediction.

4. you will be able to give stock predictions, prediction about political leaders.

5. The concepts written in this book are very precise and easy to understand./p>


Nice read, informative , compendium of information , I have met him personally , his prediction came true , which made me buy this book , not disappointing


A very good book. There are lot of imp techniques including horoscope of many countries which was very useful. The same authors practical application of Nadi techniques was very useful for me.

Nirmal anandh

Easy tips to predict any kind of chart. Thanks a lot for sharing the secrets Guru ji.