28 January , 2003

The power of Rajni Kanth! - By K Gopalakrishnan | Tuesday, 28 January , 2003, 00:00

Tamil Super Star Rajni Kanth is a perfect example of hard work, passion, and of course an unmatchable style. He started his film career at the age of 27 in K Balachandar’s Apoorva Ragangal, as a guest character, and later sculptured himself as an actor of high calibre. It is not just flipping his cigarette in thin air that brought him the name and fame. He is one of the rare combination of actors who has a larger than life personality, a character, and also an ability to attract the youngest and the oldest of the crowd.
Rajni has been in the political news for a decade now, and he has always been keeping his fans and followers sceptical about his entry into active politics. Rajni’s strength lies in his stupendous fan following, unmatched charisma, and the guts to change the whole political scenario in one public address.
Rajni was THE key person in sweeping the poll for DMK in the 1996 election, and still has the power to change the politics the way he wants it. It isn’t blind following that the people of Tamil Nadu have on him. It is the trust, and it took 27 long years for Rajni to build it.

Rajni in Politics

His ninth lord in sixth house shows difficulties with elders, politicians and seniors, which will always work in favour of him. The more the fight, more will he be powerful. He will not be getting into active politics, but will always get involved in major political activities. His chances of starting his own political party look remote. He will tend to influence public opinion to a very large extent.

Rajni and Spirituality

His life is becoming more spiritual due to Saturn and Ketu in the 2nd house, and he will continue to be spiritual. And one day, he will take to the life of Sanyasi mentally or physically. The next period that is going to start is of Mercury followed by Ketu. He will be more popular, successful, make one more movie, which will be a super hit. More and more politicians will join Rajni in his endeavours.

His success

Looking at his natal chart it is seen that at present Rajni Kanth is running his Sani Dasa and Guru Bhukthi. He had his last BIG SUCCESS Padaiyyappa three years ago, which was during the middle of Saturn dasa and Saturn bhukthi. Rajni has Saturn in his 2nd house, which is for finances, and from Chandra Lagna, Sani is very powerfully placed in the 9th house. This shows success as far as money is concerned, as on one side the Saturn has yoga for wealth and on the other side it has raja yoga (2nd lord in the 9th house).

Baba's failure

His Bhukthi of Jupiter started from 22-01-2002. During the release of Baba he had Jupiter in his 12th house. During the transit of Guru, who is the Bhukti lord, if Guru is not well placed then negative results are bound to follow. From Lagna and Chandra Lagna, Guru is a malefic lord. And also his 10th lord is with the 3rd lord.

Marriage and children

He is quite famous with children due to his 5th house that denotes children. His marriage is out to be stable as his 7th lord goes into the 2nd house. His wife’s participation in his life will be more due to the 7th lord dasha. Lata Rajnikanth will continue to play a positive and prominent role in his life. The reason for his daughter gaining more attention in media is due to Rajni’s Guru Bhukthi.