Astrology and stock markets - By K Gopalakrishnan

I have seen many times that stock Market wizards cannot explain why the market corrects etc.
For Example, jupiter is in the 8th house from chandra and many. Planets in the Indian independence horoscope markets are correcting and are in bearish mode.

Roughly 1 percent of people make money in the stock market. The reason is that many of the people who trade in the market don't have astrological understanding.

They would do fundamental analysis of stock technical analysis but they cannot figure why stocks trade so low.

Many people are good at execution when it comes to Investing, they tend to lose money. Not everyone is destined to make money in the stock market.

There was a Canadian client of mine. He lost money in the Indian stock market, foreign stock market he lost in the currency market.. I Kept on telling him That he can make money in the food business. After twenty years of astrological counselling, losing heavily on the market he came to Conclusion stock market was not his bastion. However, one needs to have raja yoga in the chart.

Day trading, swing trading, gamma scalping will lead to success temporarily. Itv looks like one or two trades in your favour. One will Lose The money in the long run.

I have seen many people horoscope the tenth Lord is affected and they have wrong transits. Saturn is in 6,8,12 they will Lose money heavily.

Stock market needs a long term perspective plus one needs a huge bank balance to deal with the up and down swings.

There are 4 levels to stock trading

One is the mutual fund route the next is the value investing where the Warren buffet principle is used. One needs a long good dasa to hold on to the stocks

The next is swing trading, trend trading, day trading, gamma scalping for this transit if the moon, position of the sun is very important.

Then the 4th level. Option and futures were ones that require a really good planetary position to make money consistently.

How will the market be in 2022?

Till April the market will be in the bearish grip. One cannot expect much as Jupiter is in the 8th house from chandra lagna and many planets

The golden bull run of the market moving from 9000 to 17000 is the saturn in makara.

Saturn was in Makra seeing the 7th house from the Moon. The saturn will be in the right house and will be in bear grip. Move sideways in the next 24 months.

There are many techniques which are used in stock trading. The highest technique is usage of time, gann must have some knowledge of astrology to predict the market very accurately.

The dasa bhukti, the chart of muhurtha trading the transit of planets play a very crucial role.