Advance Numerology of techniques

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advance numrology
advance numerology
advance numerology
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Advance Numerology of techniques

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This is one of a kind of book when it comes to numerology. In the vast ocean of this subject, it is rare to find a book which can give you numerology yantras. And it is even more rare to find a book that can use numerology to predict a person's work, marriage, kids and other aspects of life. The author of this book Shri K.B.Gopalakrishnan has written this book out of 20 years of experience. The techniques shared time and tested ones. Get the depth of the knowledge and enjoy!

Swarayoga is a unique course which deals with the breathing, the very essence of life and the ways to use that very breathing to align your life and make it better. Many people have confusions of how to handle life, fears of how to deal with situations and the terrible confusion when it comes to decision making. But many few known that all you need to have is the right breath to make all the decisions you need to make., and to succeed in whatever you do. This course just needs you to learn the movements of moon and how it changes the breath every hour. Thus this course helps you to align and make your life better and its not just our mind but our breath that helps you to grow and succeed.

1. For alignment of breath - the vital force of our life.

2. For success in examination.

3. For predicting longevity & death.

4. For success in sales and marketing.

5. For recovery of health problems.

6. For success in conception of children.

selvakumaran stars

Nice read, informative , compendium of information , I have met him personally , his prediction came true , which made me buy this book , not disappointing

santhosh star

A very good book. There are lot of imp techniques including horoscope of many countries which was very useful. The same authors practical application of Nadi techniques was very useful for me.

Nirmal anandh stars

Easy tips to predict any kind of chart. Thanks a lot for sharing the secrets Guru ji.